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EXTENSIVE write up on Missing and Murdered Indigenous women- Is there a serial killer on the Yakama Reservation?

Missing and Murdered Indigenous women
If you have spent any time reading about true crime, you probably know that American Indian/ Native American women go missing from the United States and Canada at alarming rates. On some reservations, women experience violence and are victims of homicide at 10x the rate of women in other communities. It is a complex issue with prejudice and jurisdictional issues playing major roles. If you want to know more about the root of these issues, I suggest Missing and Murdered” podcast by Indigenous Canadian journalist Connie Walker, who explains the issues much better than I ever could; that podcast is linked below. Today, I want to highlight the stories of some of these women, specifically those missing from the Yakama community.
Washington state is home to the fifth largest Indian reservation in the United States, the Yakama reservation, which is home to the Klickitat, Palus, Wallawalla, Wenatchi, Whishram, Wanapum, and Yakama people. According to the US Census Bureau, only the Osage, Puyallup (also in Washington state), Navajo, and Choctaw reservations are more populous. The Yakama reservation is located in South Central Washington state, just south of the city of Yakima. Of the 31,000 people who live on the reservation, 11,000 are enrolled tribal members. Most people who live on the reservation claim Hispanic/Latino, white, or mixed-race ancestry, but Hispanic is by far the most common ethnic group. There are also small Filipino, Japanese, and Korean communities nearby. The Yakama reservation is located just south of the town of Yakima, Washington, a large farming community of 100,000 people. Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and hops are all grown in the dry surrounding region. Harvest time brings thousands of migrant workers to the area, so the population is always in flux.
Outside of Yakima is the town of Union Gap (Pop. 8000), which is partially on the reservation, and partially off it. There are two other proper towns on reservation, Toppenish (pop. 8000) and Wapato (pop. 5000). Other small communities such as Satus, Harrah, White Swan, and Granger all boast several hundred residents each. All in all, the Yakama nation consists of 2,200 square miles of sprawling, rural land stretching from south central Washington nearly to the Oregon border. But from this unassuming patch of high desert and grassland, more than 30 Native women have gone missing/were murdered. If we add Native men to the equation, the number jumps to nearly 50 unsolved disappearances, deaths, and murders. If we add the deaths and disappearances of non-native people missing from the reservation, the number grows yet again. Although the land is vast, the tribal population is small. From my estimates over .5% of native people on the reservation are missing or murdered. Like many tribal communities, unemployment and poverty is common, appropriate housing is scare, and according to the tribal council "disregard for the rule of law and general civil unrest" as well as gun violence and substance abuse is common. In 2019 a youth curfew was instated after a particularly bad shooting.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the Yakama nation has the highest percentage of missing people of any Native community in the state, even though they are not the most populous. The FBI created a task force in 2009 to investigate the possibility of serial killer among the Yakama, but the investigation determined that a serial killer was unlikely, but not impossible. This was because the causes of death were so different from victim to victim. The investigation did close two cases on the reservation after DNA on both women linked them to a man serving life in an Oregon prison, but the man is not believed to be responsible for any other crimes in the inquiry. Whether a serial killer is loose on tribal land or not, this issue is complex and long standing and demonstrates how much substance abuse, domestic violence, and random crime affect the Native communities in this county at 10x the rate of other communities. Some progress has been made such as state bill 2951 which allows Washington state authorities to track cases and help investigate and search for missing individuals on tribal land. Because tribal lands are usually under federal jurisdiction, state authorities are not able to help, despite being more familiar with the area than the FBI. This is only one small step in the right direction and although awareness is growing, the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people will not simply go away. The mystery of vanishing people still stands.
Many people have heard of this epidemic, but few know the names of the victims; today it is time to change that. Below are the profiles of 35 women who are missing, murdered, or who have suffered mysterious deaths. For some of the women very little information is available. The list below is not necessarily complete. If you know of other unsolved cases let me know in the comments below.
Quick guide:
Yakima- large town near, but not on, the reservation
Yakama- the tribe and people group
NOTE: all cases organized most to least recent and are broken down into missing, murdered, and mysterious categories
Tiana Cloud went missing from Yakima on April 7th, 2018. She was 17 years old at the time. She may be in local area, and she may have been located. She is a Native female, 5'4 ft, 162 lbs., brown eyes and brown hair. She has large dimples. Tiana was last seen Yakima WA. Very little information is available. Yakima police are investigating.
Freda Knowsgun or Knowshisgun has been missing since October 18th, 2016. Freda was from Montana and was registered with the Crow Agency. In the months before her disappearance her family reported that she was acting strangely and began drifting around the Northwest and spending time in southern Washington state. Freda was still close to her aunt and talked to her children sometimes, but was distancing herself from the rest of her family. Freda was last known to be at a customer service desk at a Walmart in Kennewick, Washington. Freda used her cell phone to call a friend to ask for money. She wanted to travel back home to Montana to spend Halloween with her children. Freda’s friend sent her the money but the money was never picked up. When she called Freda 15 minutes later, Freda’s cell phone was disconnected and no one has heard from her since. She did not return to Montana for Halloween or for her aunt’s funeral in November and she was reported missing. Freda’s family believes that she was abusing drugs at the time of her disappearance and they believe that Freda’s new friends in the drug scene may be involved with her disappearance. Law enforcement has reported that Freda’s new friends have not cooperated with the investigation into her disappearance. Freda may have been seen in Billings, Montana in December 2016 and she may be traveling with a black male named Mike. Freda is reported to be a 34-year-old Native American female with dark brown hair that is waist length which she wears in a ponytail or high bun. She has brown eyes, a scar on her right elbow, weights 160 lbs. and stands 5’5” in height. She has the following tattoos: the names "Lyrical", "Trinity" and "Mason" on her back between her shoulder blades, the cartoon character Mickey Mouse with a basketball on her right calf, and a flower on her right shoulder. She may use the last name "KnowsHisGun" and many accounts refer to her by that name. Her case is being investigated by Crow Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Rosalita Faye Longee disappeared from her grandmother’s home in Wapato, Washington on June 30th, 2015 at 10 pm. Rosalita who went by Rose was 18 years old at the time. She is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes in Montana but had lived with her grandmother on the Yakama reservation since age 2. Rose visited her grandmother on the night of June 30th asking to stay with her but her grandmother refused as Rose was high on drugs at the time, and she had a rule that Rose could only live there when she wasn’t using. Rose may have been with friends at the time. Rose had struggled with addiction for years and had been in and out of rehab centers since age 16. This was the last time Rose was ever seen alive. Rosalita is described as a Native American female, 5’6”- 5’8” in height and about 130-140 lbs. She has black hair, brown eyes, pierced ears and lip, and scars on both wrists and both her chest. At the time of her disappearance she enjoyed taking photos and posting them on her Facebook page. Yakama Nation tribal police are investigating.
Roberta Jean Raines, 19 was last seen in Toppenish on July 10th, 2001. Roberta was with a man named Jose Merced Zamora at that time. In 2002, this man killed a teenage boy and fled the county going to Mexico. Roberta was apparently with him at the time. It was around this time that Roberta’s family realized they had not seen her in a while and they reported her missing. Jose was arrested in 2007 in Idaho and taken it custody for the murder of the boy. Jose Merced Zamora told the authorities that the last time he saw Roberta she was in Mexico and that they parted ways. Authorities do not believe this story. Roberta is described as Native American female, 5’2”-5’3” in height and 120 lbs. She has very arched eyebrows. Toppenish Police are investigating.
Karen Louise Johnley, sometimes referred to as Karen Johnley-Wallahee, was reported missing November 7th or 8th, 1987 by her cousin. She was last seen by a friend at the Lazy R Tavern in Harrah on the Yakama reservation. Karen’s cousin describes Karen as a 29-year-old female, five feet tall and 100 lbs. She was last seen wearing pink barrettes in her hair, a pink tee shirt, a Levi’s brand denim jacket, and white tennis shoes. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Her cousin expressed worried about the person Karen was last seen with. No pictures are available of Karen and she does not even have a Charley Project page. Tribal police are investigating. She remains a missing person.
Daisy Mae Tallman or Daisy Mae Heath age 29, was reported missing on October 29th, 1987. When her family was questioned it came to light that no one had seen Daisy since the end of August, 1987. Daisy’s sister remembers her as very independent, often leaving the reservation to visit friends and family on a different reservation in Warm Springs, Oregon, or leaving the area to go fishing. Daisy was a high school basketball player and was the youngest of 6 sisters who were all raised by their maternal grandparents. At the time of her disappearance, Daisy was staying with relatives in either Toppenish or White Swan. A year after she disappeared a set of keys and a backpack believed to be Tallman’s/Heath’s were found in a closed area of a reservation called Soda Springs. 7 years after her disappearance she was declared legally dead. One source mentions that one of Daisy’s sisters was murdered before her disappearance but I could find no corroborating source. Daisy is described as a Native American female aged 29 with black hair that extended down her back and brown eyes. She was 5’5’ and weighted 185 lbs. She also has given birth in the past. No pictures are available of Daisy and she does not even have a Charley Project page. The FBI is investigating. She remains a missing person.
Janice Marie Hannigan a sophomore at White Swan high school was the oldest of 7 children. In 1971 Janice’s parents had recently separated and Janice was living with her father in Harrah, Washington but visited her mother and younger siblings often. Janice was nominated to be Queen of the Veteran’s day parade in November 1971 and the newspaper even ran an article about her and the other nominated girls. According to her interview in the paper, Janice enjoyed beadwork, cooking, and watching football. A few weeks later on December 21st Janice was admitted to the hospital for the treatment of contusions on her head and torso. On December 24th she was released from the hospital in stable condition. The cause of Janice’s injuries, as well as the location she was treated at is unknown. Janice never made it home from the hospital; this was the last time anyone ever saw Janice alive.
Strangely, this was not the first time Janice had been reported missing. Janice may have been reported missing in February or March of 1971, although she was determined to be visiting relatives in Idaho with her father at that time. Because of this some agencies report that Janice went missing March 1st 1971 but that is not accurate.
Some agencies report that Janice is a possible runaway as she was upset about her parent’s separation, although Janice had never runaway before. One Law Enforcement office reports that Janice’s father is a person of interest in her case, but Janice’s sister Traci Clark denies this notion and says it is “not possible.” Traci was only 8 years old the last time she saw Janice, but she still looks for her big sister any chance she gets.
Angela Marie Heath of Toppenish, aged 41 died on April 5th, 2019. Her death is an unsolved hit and run. Very little information is available. Washington state patrol is investigating. She may (key word may) be related to Daisy Tallman-Health located above.
Rosenda Strong a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon, was last seen on October 2nd, 2018 climbing into an acquaintance’s car, reportedly an older Nissan, heading to Legends Casino in Toppenish. Legends is an alcohol-free resort and Casino on the reservation popular with locals and tourists alike. Rosenda never returned from the Casino and sadly her body was found in a discarded refrigerator nine months after she was last seen in July 2019. Her death was ruled a homicide but no other details have been released. Rosenda’s sister said that at first tribal police did not take the disappearance seriously as Rosenda had past problems with drugs and they believed she would come home soon. Rosenda’s sister, Cissy Reyes nee Strong, believes that the murderers are the fellow tribespeople Rosenda was last with and complains that she still sees them “walking the reservation free” and refusing to talk. Cissy remembers her sister for her big, loud laugh and she hopes that someday Rosenda will get justice. The FBI is investigating.
Jedidah Moreno was last seen alive in September, 2018 by her family in the city of Yakima, which is not on tribal land. The 30-year-old was reported missing in late November 2018. Her body was found in early December and she had been dead at least a few days. She had died from a gunshot wound in a rural part of the reservation that was closed to non-tribal members. One report (a blog) claims that Jedidah was a member of the Yakama nation but no other sources state this, so take this information with a grain of salt. Her case remains unsolved. City of Yakima police and the FBI are investigating. Little information is available.
Linda Dave 39 of White Swan, was last seen alive in late 2016 or early 2017. On February 15th 2017, a woman was found dead under a bridge in Toppenish. It was determined that the woman died from a gunshot wound to the stomach and had been dead approximately six weeks. The woman was identified via DNA as Linda Dave. Linda was a mother and grandmother who enjoyed spending time with family, cooking, and dancing. She is the niece of Janice Hannigan, the first woman detailed in this piece. One local funeral home called Heggie’s has a website where people can share condolences to the family or stories about the deceased. In a cruel twist of fate one of the messages on Linda’s page is from murder victim Rosenda Strong. The FBI is investigating Dave’s case.
Minnie Andy was a 31-year-old Yakama woman who enjoyed fishing and swimming. Minnie was found beaten and close to death near 70 Egan Road in Wapato, Washington on July 9th, 2017. She had been badly assaulted earlier that morning and she tragically succumbed to her injuries at Astria Regional Medical Center in Yakima several hours later. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma. Christopher Lagmay was indicted for her murder shortly thereafter but he would be released from jail in 2019 without prejudice, meaning if new evidence arises, he could be re-tried. Her murder is still unsolved.
Destiny Lloyd, aged 23 disappeared on Christmas day 2017 from her home in Wapato. Her body was found in Harrah, Washington four days later. Initially, it looked like Destiny had died after slipping and falling on the concrete, causing a head wound but a full autopsy would reveal that her death was a homicide and that she died from blunt force trauma. Destiny worked at Legends Casino as a childcare worker. Her co workers remember her fondly and hope her case will be solved. The FBI is investigating.
Naoma George mother of six from Wapato, Washington was found dead in 2013 from trauma to her abdomen. Her death was ruled a homicide. Naoma was a traditional Yakama who did bead work and gathered traditional plants to keep the Yakama culture alive. Naoma was laid to rest in a traditional ceremony at the Longhouse surrounded by friends and family. Her case is unsolved and little information is available. Yakama Nation tribal police and the FBI are investigating.
Barbara Celestine aged 44 was a tribal member who lived in Wapato, Washington. She was found dead of blunt force trauma outside a housing project in town in 2013. Her death was ruled a homicide. The Yakama Nation police and the FBI are investigating the murder. Very little information is available.
Skeletal remains found in late 2008 in a remote part of the Yakama Reservation are believed to be those of a murder victim. The Doe was unknown until the FBI Seattle office mentioned the remains in early May 2009, when announcing the results of the FBI's approximately two-year-long analysis of reservation deaths which was spurred on by a March 2006 meeting with then-United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Until that point the fact that a doe was found was not public knowledge. The bones were found in a remote area near the backpack of missing person Daisy Mae Heath (Tallman). In early May 2009, Special Agents were awaiting mitochondrial DNA test results on those remains, which they said then might be those of Daisy Mae Tallman/Heath. The tests were inconclusive and there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the bones belonged to Daisy. The FBI has not released further information on the remains. This Jane Doe is on no public databases (NAMUS, Doe Project) as far as I can tell. The FBI is investigating.
The triple homicide of Charmaine Sanchey, 47, Toni Marie Green, 43, and Steve Alvarado, 52 is still unsolved. Their beaten and stabbed bodies were found in a small trailer outside Toppenish on Jan. 16, 2003 by their landlord who came over to collect their rent check. He found the women dead in the bedroom and Steve dead in the main living area. The trailer was on the reservation but it is unclear which victims (if any) were tribal members. Authorities say that they have few leads and few suspects. Later, Charmaine Sanchey’s brother, Arthur Joseph Sanchey, was the primary suspect, but was acquitted of charges in July 2004. The brutal triple homicide is still a mystery.
Sandra Lee Smiscon did not die on the reservation but I believe her case deserves a spot in this piece. In the year 2003, Sandra was a 45-year-old mother of 3 children who split her time between Wapato and Seattle. After high school, Sandra got a job in a nursing home and mothered three children. After her personal relationships fell apart Sandra became lost and her children were placed in the custody of their fathers and other family members. She often traveled to Seattle and did odd jobs but was basically drifting around. According to her brother Walter, Sandra was a “party animal” who loved having a good time but sometimes let the drinking get the better of her. Despite her flaws he remembers his sister as a somewhat shy individual with a huge, bright smile who taught her younger daughter the art of traditional dance. Sandra traveled home regularly for family events and holidays but never stayed for long.
One day Sandra and her companions were sleeping near 4th and Yesler streets in Seattle when a man, angered by nearby fireworks shot into the homeless camp aimlessly, injuring a few people and killing Sandra. Her 2003 murder is still unsolved. Sandra’s name is part of the Fallen Leaves memorial, a place of remembrance for deceased homeless individuals as a way to give them dignity and a place to be remembered. Her case is still unsolved. The suspect is described as young man in his 20-30s with a dark complexion but of unknown race. Seattle police department is investigating.
Shari Dee Sampson Elwell age 30, had not been seen for weeks when her battered and sexually mutilated body was found in a remote area by hunters near White Swan. Her body was found during February 1992 in the middle of a blizzard. She had been beaten, mutilated, and strangled. Little has been done to solve her case and very little information is available.
Skeletal unidentified Native woman believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s were found on Feb. 16, 1988, near Parker Dam in Union Gap. Her cause of death has not been determined but her case has been ruled a homicide. She had been dead from 2-10 months. She is described as a Native female, 25-40 years old with dark brown hair that had been bleached light brown in the front. She was wearing lavender colored pants, a long sleeve shirt with a Mexican label, and brown bowling shoes, one with a black sole and one with a white sole. She was slight and short 4’11” to 5’1”. She is not Daisy Tallman/Heath or Karen Johnley. Despite her heritage she is NOT believed to be Yakama; she may be from Mexico and perhaps a migrant worker as her clothing had Mexican labels.
JoAnne Betty (Wyman) John the 44-year-old mother of eleven children, was reported missing on August 1st, 1988. A partial skeleton was a discovered in February 1991 which was determined to be John’s. Her cause of death was ruled “homicidal violence.” Little information is available in her case. The FBI are investigating.
Rozelia Lou (Tulee) Sohappy, 31, of Brownstown was last seen alive New Year’s Eve of 1988. Her partially clothed body was found March 13, 1989, in a remote ravine along the south slope of Ahtanum Ridge north of Brownstown. She was identified through dental records, and an autopsy concluded she had been strangled. Very little information is available.
Jenece Marie Wilson was 20 years old in August 1987. The young woman who lived in Toppenish, when to a party one night and then left the next morning to hitch hike to her boyfriend’s place in Sunnyside, Washington but she never made it. On August 9th a farmer found the body of a woman in his orchard which was so severely beaten it was hard to establish her identity. Dental records confirmed that the body belonged to Jenece and she had died from a blow to the head. In 2009, twenty-two years later DNA evidence was run through the system and there was a hit. The DNA matched an Oregon convict, Samuel Posada. Samuel had attended the same high school as Jenece but the two did not appear to know each other. He was arrested and charged with murder and rape. Strangely, Posada waived his right to jury trial but was acquitted of all charges by the judge in his 2011 trial. Jenece’s case has been cold ever since.
Babette Crystall Greene was 26 years old and lived in the town of Toppenish but was last seen in Yakima, Washington in October 1986. A member of the Warm Springs tribe in Oregon, her skeletal remains were found during the summer of 1987 off North Track Road near Wapato, Washington. Her cause of death is listed as “homicidal violence.” Very little information is available.
Clydell Alice Sampson age 25 of Klickitat had not been seen alive since sometime in 1984 when her skeleton was found by hunters near Hambre Butte, south of Granger, Washington in December, 1986. Her death was ruled a homicide and she died from a gunshot wound. Very little information is available; there are no pictures available of Clydell.
Mavis Josephine McKay was a member of the Confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon. She was 33 years old when she was found murdered in an irrigation ditch on August 13th, 1957 in Satus, a very isolated area of the reservation. Because her case is so old, very little information is available.
Mysterious deaths
Echo Kay Littlewolf was 31 years old when she was last seen alive. Echo is described as a tomboy who loved camping, animals, and being outside. Echo was homeless at the time of her disappearance and lived in a tent on the reservation but contacted relatives often, at least twice a week. She would pop into her parents’ or grandparents’ house to shower and do odd jobs for money for friends and relatives but always returned to her nomadic lifestyle. On August 15th, 2017 Littlewolf’s grandmother had not heard from her in a week and contacted Echo’s mother, Jeanette Osborne, who drove to her daughter’s campsite. As soon as she smelled decomposition, she called tribal authorities who found the body of Echo Kay Littlewolf. Her body was badly degraded due to the hot weather. Her death was ruled “natural causes” and Echo was cremated. Jeanette believes little investigation was done because Echo had used drugs in the past. According to Jeanette, her daughter’s body looked like she had been standing and then fell over after being hit with an object, nevertheless an autopsy was never ordered by authorities. Echo’s family now wishes she was buried and an autopsy could have been performed. Her suspicious death has never been solved.
Angela Babette Billy, 41, of Pendleton, Oregon was an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation. She also is known as Angela Shippentower and Babette Shippentower. According to the one article I could find Angela who went by “Babette” was a victim of domestic violence. Right before she went missing Babette confided to family members that her boyfriend was abusing her. Right after that her boyfriend left her to be with a woman he had been seeing on the side. Babette’s body was found in late May 2013 in the Umatilla River near Mission, Oregon. She had been missing for over a week. She was found by two people on horseback while they were conducting a private search for her. The area was accessible only by foot, horse or four-wheelers, from one side of the river. The area in which she was found was behind the home of her boyfriend’s new romantic interest. This woman, who remains unknown to the public, also had a reputation for drugs and violent behavior. Billy’s cause of death was drowning and while her death has not been ruled a homicide it is considered “suspicious” and not simply an accident. According to family members police did not take her disappearance very seriously at first- a mistake that may have cost Babette her life.
Alice Ida Looney, 38 of Toppenish was reported missing after she was last seen in Wapato in the early morning hours around Aug. 16 or 17, 2004. A hunter found her body Nov. 30, 2005, wedged under a tree on a small island in Satus Creek, about 12 miles southeast of Toppenish. Looney had family on the Cowlitz and Puyallup reservations. The FBI lists the cause of her death as inconclusive. High school and college athlete Rosy Fish, a distance relative of Looney’s, ran four races at a state track tournament (and won 3). Each race was dedicated to a missing or murdered female native relative of Fish’s, which shows the breadth of this issue. Fish’s actions have spurred other native athletes to do similar tributes. Looney’s death is still unsolved. Looney’s family also says they were never interviewed by law enforcement.
Teresa R. Stahi age 25. July 27th 1987 marks the day Teresa Stahi’s body was found drowned in a canal. Her clothed body was pulled from a fish screen in a diversion canal off Toppenish Creek south of Granger. An autopsy concluded she drowned and had been in the water less than 12 hours. The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said it ruled out foul play. However, an FBI memo listed Stahi’s case as a “mysterious death matter.” Law enforcement now says her death is “inconclusive.” Very little information is available.
Sara Dee Winnier age 24 had recently moved back to the reservation after living in California. She was found at 3:30 a.m. July 22, 1985, sitting upright in the driver’s seat of a burning car off McDonald Road about half a mile from U.S. Highway 97. Her body was badly burned and the coroner used dental records to identify her. Winnier lived in a remote part of the reservation and worked at the Save More Grocery in Wapato. Her death is suspicious and unsolved. Little information is available.
Celestine Spencer, 21 sometimes called Celestine Yallup, of Wapato had been missing two weeks when her body was found at the bottom of a gully in a field off McCullough Road along the north slope of Ahtanum Ridge. She was found Nov. 11, 1982, at the bottom of a hill near a field. Her death while somewhat suspicious was determined to be hypothermia was deemed a probable accident. Celestine’s aunt was awarded custody of her son, Roland, who had some disabilities and various medical problems. Tragically, less than two years later Roland (age 3) disappeared in a child abduction in Wapato and has not been seen since. His Charley Project page is here-
Lesora Yvette Eli was only 19 years old when a farmer found her fully clothed body along Parton Road near Toppenish on Feb. 2, 1982. She was face down in a drainage ditch. While the County Coroner’s Office listed the death as accidental drowning, FBI investigators claim it is a possible homicide. Her death has never been solved and very little information is available.
Sheila Pearl Lewis, a 33-year-old social worker who worked at DSHS in Yakima was found dead in August of 1980 near Parker Dam in Union Gap. An autopsy showed that she died of massive internal injuries most likely from being hit by a large car or truck. Even though her death is most likely a hit and run, it is classified as suspicious rather than a homicide. Sheila lived on the reservation. Very little information is available in her case.
What happened to these people? Is there a serial killer on the loose? Or simply an epidemic of violence towards women? Hopefully, these cases can one day be solved.
I have been thinking of writing up the stories of missing men and boys on the reservation, if you would be interested in a write up on that let me know in the comments below.
If you are interested in this issue as a whole, I suggest this podcast by Canadian journalist Connie Walker who explains and dives deeply into the issues discussed in the piece.,in%20British%20Columbia%20in%201989.
If you are interested in the cases of other missing Native Americans, my write ups on the Teekah Lewis and Bryce Herda cases can be found here on my reddit profile.
Special thanks to these sources:
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Any good 2 night getaways within driving distance?

My wife and I are looking to get away for 2 nights next week (during the week). Are there any places within 5 hours or so of Omaha that could entertain us for a few days? We were originally thinking of just a cabin type stay, but open to other options.
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State League Series - 6/50: Iowa

Already Completed: Illinois North Carolina Nevada Idaho Virginia
Due Up: California Wisconsin New Jersey Missouri Pennsylvania Colorado Florida Ohio Michigan
Ames RailRiders Ames was originally named after Oakes Ames, a Massachusetts man who was a big part in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. This is where the name RailRiders comes from. The team uses black, grey, and white, which I feel are representative of railways and trains. The font used is meant to replicated train tracks as there is two parts/sides of each letter.
Bettendorf Gamblers In 1991, an area native and businessman named Bernard Goldstein launched the first modern-day version of a riverboat casino in the waters in Bettendorf. This serves as inspiration for team name, colors, and logos. The colors are two shades of blue to represent the water, while the badge features a die with the waves.
Burlington Hawkeyes When thinking of Hawkeyes, most people associate this name with either the state in general or the University of Iowa. Burlington, however, is where the Hawkeye name first came into use. A subtle detail in the logo which I really like is that the B features a hawk eye peeking through it.
Cedar Rapids Expos Cedar Rapids is a city which is notable partly for the fact that it is one of the biggest arts and culture cities not just in Iowa, but in the Midwest. Some of the arts and culture institutions found in Cedar Rapids are Orchestra Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the Cedar Rapids Ceramics Center, Theatre Cedar Rapids, and the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art hosts the largest collection of Grant Wood paintings, also known as the man who painted American Gothic. The Gothic Era in general was a big influence on the art and culture beginnings in Cedar Rapids, which is why there is a gothic feel to the design. I initially named them because I thought I had read that the art and culture boom also partly came from the Chicago World’s Fair or an expo in Chicago, but I now can not find that. However, I still feel Expos is a good name for Cedar Rapids.
Clinton LumberKings When Iowa came up, this was the first team I thought of. My parents used to take me to LumberKings game all the time when I was little and these are some of my first baseball and sports memories. Hence, I definitely wanted to try my hand and recreating them in SMB2. While the game obviously has limitations, I think I did well with those limitations.
Davenport Rebels In 1837, Davenport was battling with Rockingham to become seat of Scott County. Davenport won, but through devious and creative methodology, which is what the Rebels nickname pays homage to. The town with the most votes by Scott County citizens in the February 1838 elections would win the county seat. Just before the election came around, acquired the services of laborers from Dubuque, who became eligible to vote. This tipped the vote into Davenport’s favor. The vote was ultimately never certified, resulting in a second election with a 60-day residency requirement for voting. Davenport won this election by two votes, a margin so close that it triggered a third election. This one was won by Davenport due to Rockingham basically giving up on the idea of being county seat. Davenport won this election and quickly built the chambers for the county seat.
Des Moines Caps Inspired by the capitol city of Iowa and it’s architecture. The capitol building in Des Moines is known for its big gold dome. This is why the team wears gold hats and gold helmets. The logo is also meant to show this, as well. The bottom half circle is to represent the building while gold half circle represents the gold dome. The reasoning for Caps instead of Capitols is that the team wears gold caps and that the gold dome can be considered the cap of the building. Credit u/dreddfyre
Dubuque Scouts Dubuque is a town on the Mississippi River, which also has an abundance of Scouts. One of the names suggested was Hilltoppers, but I decided to go with Scouts because I feel that this represented both the hills and river. I also think it works decently with Dubuque’s Key City moniker. Credit u/dreddfyre
Fairfield Silicorns My favorite nickname for an Iowa team and one of my favorite things I’ve found for any State League Series team so far is the Fairfield Silicorns. Despite being somewhere unexpected for a tech hub, Fairfield actually has a sizeable technology industry. As a result, locals nicknamed the area “Silicorn Valley”, a midwestern play on Silicon Valley. I loved that too much to not use it. The colors are inspired by corn with the yellow and dark green, with a bright green included to represent the modern tech hub that Fairfield has become despite the typical stereotype of Iowa towns.
Iowa City-Coralville Ancients Iowa City and Coralville are close enough as to where they can share a team. Additionally, the Ancients name fits both cities, but for different reasons. For Iowa City, the “old capitol” building is found here. For Coralville, floods in recent years revealed a huge collection of remains and fossils. The logo features a dinosaur coming out from a shield, meant to represent the old capitol and the fossils. The black represents the past, while blue and red represent the colors of Iowa. The green, since it comes automatically with the dinosaur, I think makes the whole pallet very interesting and unique, which is why I decided to make it so prominent despite it having no real importance. Credit u/dreddfyre
Knoxville Sliders Knoxville, Iowa is known as the sprint car capitol of the world. For those who do not know what those are, they are the racecars with angled roofs which run on dirt. To me, and I do not know if this is technically this is the correct term, they also look as if they were sliding on the dirt when taking corners. This is where the name Sliders come from. It also helps that there is an obvious baseball tie-in, too, with a slider being a type of pitch. The colors and logos reminded me of a 90s local race track look, which is what I was going for. Credit u/dreddfyre
Maquoketa Bats Another team with a baseball tie-in is the Maquoketa Bats. The main attraction of Maquoketa is the Maquoketa Caves State Park. An animal commonly associated with caves is bats, while also obviously being a baseball thing, as well. I used just the bat on its own because I feel that it also somewhat looks like an M, also. Since the team was named after caves and bats, I wanted a dark color scheme, but I did not want to use just black and white, which is why a dark grey is actually the main color in play here.
Muscatine Melonheads This team combines my love of the Backyard Sports franchise with one of the most unique towns in Iowa. Muscatine is also known as Melon City, due to their fame from growing melons. For those who played Backyard Sports, you remember the Melonheads being a team name option on just about every game and is one of the most recognizable Backyard Sports names. Credit u/dreddfyre for the research and u/tengohierbas, who’s awesome Melonheads post I used as a reference!
Ottumwa Space Pirates Ottumwa is known as the Video Game Capital of the World. Additionally, it is also home to Twin Galaxies. For Ottumwa, I wanted to honor this by creating a team that was inspired by video games. It took awhile, but I thought of the name Space Pirates, which I thought sounded video game-y and also had a bit of a tie-in with Twin Galaxies because it references space. The colors are a bright green and black, two colors I think are commonly associated with video games, electronics, and technology.
Sioux City Sting Despite having a nice roll off the tongue, the Sioux City Sting are actually named for another reason. Sioux City honey is one of the most popular types of honey in the world. Hence, the name Sting, a reference to the bees which produce honey. The colors are also inspired by bees, as well.
Waterloo Belters One of the Midwest’s biggest companies, John Deere, calls Waterloo home. The base of the Waterloo logo is actually inspired by the base of John Deere logo, a square with a bit of rounded edges, rather than perfectly straight. Belters is in reference to assembly lines/belts of the John Deere factory. The town was initially known as Prairie Rapids Crossing, which partly influenced the logo and design, as well. The blue waves across the logo represent both belts and rapids. The bats and baseball represent the fact that “belted” is often used to describe a well-hit ball.
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Passing it off,.. and thus passing it on? Disclosure: very very long and scattered account of the last 3 years of my life and relevant issues, by a troubled and disturbed member of the criminal class in Californias underbelly. Lots of truth about personal, and fundamenal societal dishonesty..

Hey criminal class. So someone I know, and no,.. let me stop you guys right there, because it's really not me! And though it seems like I'm just diverting my guilt , though in complete and utter obviousness of the perpetration done by, none other than me and assuming guilt onto myself through reasonable doubt that I, in fact, am using a common tactic many many guilt ridden people who have never heard of a search engine use, to find out other people's experience with the crime committed. To help them lessen and usually come to terms with the anxiety of, well, not having done thewrong, BUT GETTING BUSTED BY FEDS,... Also I'll be extremely conspicuous in wording to further back up my previous sentence... , because why would I incriminate myself, though anonymously and with no burden of proof, or even any form of substantial evidence to the contrary of me being completely innocent , or even just the more than likely possibility that I am a pathological liar, or simply put a TROLL, and perhaps in an attempt to shroud my narcissistic mind in the relief from longing about the ever present conceit I crave, to attain clout from people who wont see me for what and who I really am, guilty of stated actions or not...and , well, let's call it that "www wide web cred"....fits ? Fiiinally its All to an online community of people doing just that? Well, shit it's me, ok? Anyways I got carried away with that. The SWIM crap is for people who are going to get caught doing whatever scandalous and unethical or even morally twisted deeds they do to get by. I dont do it just to get by , well at least not at first , I was healthy young and demographically inclined...if you catch my drift, also I was hot. Then crack and cancer hit me, within a 4 year period. Now my death is waiting to catch me as I (currenty) freefall through all my years of tomfuckery , shenanigans, and downright evil acts Iv Imposed onto loved one's and strangers alike for my personal gain or benefit in some way. Lemme include, never have I hurt anyone, I am a nonviolence advocate chairperson for an .org I wont mention here, .. to preserve any involvment of me to them, I wont get them involved if I ever am traced back to this post , somehow... , yes, criminals can have values and beliefs on an altruistic plain too. I'm a person, human, homo sapien , no homo but homologous indeed through the way I do bad shit all the time, comparative to how doctors do what they do. Specialists like me only succeed, yet prepare daily for that knock or bang or kicking down of my front door knowing cops r assisting the feds by guarding the backyard... and perhaps a subpoena for electronics only, if I'm a super lucky dude, or like a warrant for search and seizure , which if it happened on a day like this whole past year, considering the amount of associates who I coexist and share my habitat with, though only my name is on the I would assume I, me , myself, and noone else hold sole responsibility of what is found in the fucking house regardless of any evidence to the contrary, IF I am correct I'm that assumption cool...but haven't researched that because I am quite frankly scared of the truth since precautionary measures will be hard to take at this point , and if were taken would diminish the very strong trust i perceive to be held by my employer and employees alike towards myself. It's a business I am apart of. The United States secret service hates us and has been most likely trying to track us for the past 3 years we have been in ops. If anyone reports this just know I use a 12.99 dollar monthly (on accounts run by someone completely untraceable in any way to me, a friend who died couple years ago, a street brother, truly a brother. As he lay dying of a gunshot wound in his chest , points to his government phone which is cracked and is missing the back battery cover , and says the numbers of his passcode. Ok, I unlock. and next of his password for his BoA, why I ask? He tells me to collect his current reparations from him being born and raised on a Lacota Sioux reservation and add it to his coin base wallet , and the pass is also to all his accounts both on the clear and dark parts of the internet. Just different variants of the first letter and last letter being either lower or upper case. Ok, I started 2 years ago with no knowledge of the depths of internet, yet I suddenly had a dying brother give me access to 1.8 of his earned BTC through God knows how, told to me in those precious dying words, bleeding alot out of his nose n shit, I was worried he would die before he was finished telling me what to do and how to do it and I was right because he did. Turns out I am good at research. Looked up keywords which lead to .onion use and eventually to the point of activity I partake in now... also 1.8 BTC in early 2017 was like aloooot... was an astronomical fucking awesomely large amount of money to Inherit as a homeless and registered runaway, a 17 year old , yes I am currentyl 19. The beauty of all this is if I do get caught now, which I hope it happens sooner than later as odds will be stacked against me as I grow up and have some possible info on background search sites. Il explain, I have such a clean record that I dont have one. Just hospitalizations for psychiatric dues , about 7 in 2016 and monthly every year before that backing up to my 8th grade year. Unstable child I was.... I have been completely off the grind since I was 17, and have 4 pseudonyms and fake but real IDs to back each up. One is a real person living out of state. I bougjt his info, and since he is same age same height and relatively same weight depending on angles of observation, that is the one i carry, my face is in the place of his, and he is 19 as well, and not yet on any databases or lists... cool. I carry that one... also my tVPN I really hope works well, NordVpn. And I burn my phone every 3rd day. So before I do anythimg, on the third day every 3 days, no matter if I'm spitting up more blood than usual or shitting my organs into collapsing on themselves. I also dont pay a rent like on a normal lease like I previously mentioned something about, there's no point in lying,so I'll say it. I live in section 8 housing , ha. So the problem is my earned income since 2017 has been 0 dollars. According to the IRS and US government at least, because in reality my team has quadrupled our ROI the first year, and after this third years start we are making 28 x ROI as of January, and it went from 14 to 28 ROI in the last few months of 2018, holidays were quite a growing stage, with an eerie and unsettling lack of consequence, mistakes or any growing pains at all really, for that much unprecedented growth and how greedy me and my associates are we handled it like a bomb squad averting every mine in front of them, even ones out of our control because of vision blunders. Luck played a factor in certain cases, like follow ups by small businesses when my persona I play was accused of extortion and blackmail of a company I worked with, a laundromat that actually had a facade of lavenderia, but was really sand electric gambling ring. I sold lots of my counterfeited American bank notes to the manager of operations there, and got the wise idea to extort him and blackmail him simultaneously, by not only threatening to report anonymously, but if he managed to not get busted, I would personally destroy his reputation and rapport as I knew his identity and where he and his family lived. Thanks and as well as other public data archives, u help me do crime research for my actions against other criminals. Anyways, he said the owner of the building found out and is having him arrested within the week, so he will just turn himself in, he has warrants for a ponzhi scheme or some MLM bullshit as well that generated so much cash from lottery fraud it is being prosecuted by the Federal Government, he told me he was the first person he was going to out. And since I divulged in good faith certain bits of info about my whereabouts and minor activities or services I use, I'd be able to be found within a week. So shit, I'm going down I think, we move the operation to a storage facility that doesnt have cameras because it is really an abandoned building in the heart of the unincorporated community of the impoverished part of industrial San fransisco. Yes I'm located in the bay area. Lcation doesnt matter there are many people doing what I'm doing here, but even worse! Anyways never got found out, and didnt stop my frequented locations because I need meth, crack and hookers, and my habits are very set . I buy from the same dealer every other day. I would buy more but that's dumb, PROP47 HAS DECRIMINALIZED POSSESION OF ALL DRUGS EVEN SCHEDIE FUCKING 1. Yup, iv been handcuffed and searched after being witnessed injecting cocaine and heroin into my arm at a moderately trafficked bus stop in the Tl in the City, . So I gave them my doppelganger's ID and the lazy police simply ran it, saw I was not a CA citizen , and thanks to Obama, like really tha I you Obama, and prop 47, gave me back the bag of crack I still had left and my paraphernalia, as well as my phone they didnt go through though I was panicking about bcuz it was actually unlocked for some reason when they searched me, since it was sitting on the chair..,, and with my whole past day and a half of extremely incriminating text messages, so now I have better quality burners I can activate anytime for me and the whole office , so I have like 12 for the next few days or next week, and we used messaging sites like kik who aren't USA based, who claim to not store messages for more than 7 days except pictures and other multimedia. But we figured foreign companies are prone to forced subpoena, since the company doesnt have measures set in place to protect the citizens of the USA, and the govt doesnt set in place those measures for foreign companies. We use strictly deepweb messengers, I take half a day every week to set up the phones for TOR use, also the messages go up in flames every time the screen is locked or changes tabs, so my colleagues best write that shit down! keep all documents for tracking (only vauge descriptions of management of time and certain resources expended so we ar not to go back to use certain services we burnt out. Basically where and when we commit each act of passing off our counterfeit bank notes, where we placed one of our skimming wares, who we contracted eith to sell our product and services to and any description of all of these activities, . A gold mine for feds? Were a step ahead,, in a coded and hard to detect form of South Dakotan Indian unwritten folk language. Yes its unwritten, but only by American and western scholarly knowledge. like really America you haven't translated the written languages of the people who were here before any euro WASP imperialist delusional freedom seeking yet freedom taking hypocritical scum dumplings washed ashore the Americas like 6 to 5 hundred years ago? ? That sounds like a basis for subsidizing the winners mentality of dominiance America has had for hundreds of years against all of these poor men women and children with blatant behaviors of pseudo nationalism (america to me is an illusion, one of grandiosity too, because to be American means to have had family migrate here in this generation or the last for OPPURTUNITY, yet it's extremely saturated, so much that crime is an only option for many, for most, yet people will argue that but there aren't statistics on unreported crimes are there? What have you done today?) And muting of a broken society , one that suffered loss of land , independence in all ways and self sufficiency as a tribe, all forms of culture WASPs didnt find pleasing to the eye, including the languages apparently, and also loss of the way they gathered knowledge of the material and existential world, their natural resources, the way they grew society, the fabric of these peoples existence and other things like basic human and civil rights, even the Fucking MAGNA CARTA was implemented, so why did it not apply to these imperialists when they left the United kingdom? Wow, such integrity, no wonder political entities are all scumbags, they are decendants of criminal genocide, a genocide that isn't completely finished yet, and nobody cares enough to do a thing about it...,they are subjugated as a group of people , who are dead as a culture and own entity or unit, they dont have a sense of identity as the people of Lacota Sioux, and they all resent america and every citizen in it according to my firsthand sources and secondhand experiences with their struggles daily.. ,and for supplying the reservations with enough reparations to become alcoholic druggies who get discounts at casinos that are built to exploit them furthermore, and drive complacency to a severe and epidemic proportions... the youth always introduced to forms of violence unbeknownst to many outside the reservation my street brother lived on and escaped from, seeking political asylum at age 13 in America's foster system which turned out that in his luck was just a bit worse. He, who shouldn't be named for my own protection, is dead at age 26 now. He had been homeless since the age of 14. He has a child in the foster system he didnt have contact with the last year of his life, and the 3rd and last year of me knowing him. He got progressively more mentally unstable causing nervousness in myself. He got shot because he robbed a relatively well known drug dealer in the area, who found out about it because of a tip off , so there is a rat in my circle, and iv effectively closed myself off to any possibility or manifestation of this person in my life which has led me to be in my operational headquarters alot, while everyone elese comes for the nighttime shift. I am there all day, vulnerable to warranted searches anf swats... but fuck it ? ,. But To just not record a language of a large group of people is extremely evilish and wicked, bigoted and very very inherently and not even just fundamentally or systematically racist, but racist on a whole societal level I feel, ...why did no one even far outside of the government construct of America and friends, including the remaining Sioux people of south Dakota who aren't to blame, but have no pride except for the facade of the pride and haughtyness they often display as the Sioux people are known to be arrogant and full of themselves, this is obviously an overcompensating of the inferior complex felt on the level of tribal and ancestor values, they dont see themselves as important but want others to. And its specifically the elders alive within the generation now who were passed doen the language nonchalantly . My street brother didnt learn it until he went back to visit his uncles in 2007 or 2008, in which he took a year of mentorship from the principal of his reservations highschool, he had never attained education, or developed reasonable emotional and logic based skills, it was hard dealing with him sometimes, but he no MATTER WHAT always helped me before himself for no reason other than to see me do ok, ..he helped me to the point of where I could take advantage, and many people did, I got to know him right as he was cutting everyone off from his help. But I soon proved to be a person who gave all of what he gave right back at some point in a reasonable and timely fashion. It was all necessity based yet very superficial and primitive , so carnal things we helped eachother with... we helped eachother get high and eat, and sleep safely as one of us safeguarded. No growth ever commenced. So when I began working with small white collar intellectual criminals of a higher playing field he alienated himself from me. On the last day of his life, I was was last person to see him alive, and i was the last person he would ever see as the incarnate of himself ... very sad. He earned a place within myself as a brother, but deeper than blood, a street brother. He was the cause of me learning how to survive so quick. He schooled me on his over 12 years of experience being on the street of SF . RIP my dude... I know u aren't in heaven because you rejected the westernGod, I know you are right where u wanna be wherever the fuck it is, you nevertold me what you believe happens to people's anything as they die. Hm...well since we're on the topic ofthat, I'm Suprisingly to most I know , fucking Buddhist. Yes I know I'm not a good one nor do I claim to be , I dont believe in accumulation of merit and karmic consequences of any future life. I am strictly what Buddhists were before Sidhartha Gotama had a following, teaching or any sort of recognition. The buddhism of the rudimentary pali canon, part of theravada tradition. One person I know asked me recently, yesterday actually, how I handle being condemned constantly by myself for not adhering to my core values and fundamental and crucial principles of my system of belief. I responded , well I dont think one rotten Buddhist is going to spoil the entire barrel, such as the inbred people of CERTAIN fanatical, dogmatic and oppressive sects of Christianity Judaism and Islam,. Monotheism is a very cool idea at its core I think, its just been perverted as what started as a figurative fundamentalism based on a core text of messages ,meant to invoke character and hope in the people it was written by, and for each demographic of people's experience at the time, and it was a humanizing experience of morals value and discipline n discernment of good and evil , like a book on HOW TO BE GODLY HOW TO BECOME GOD 101 , all orated from a creator in which to place FIGURATIVE faith in,a creator I have interpreted as a maladjusted mentally disturbed entitled teenage boy who has a near geniusIQ, its 135, I have interpreted creator in any monotheistic religion to be, well, me and you, us, both independently and as a collective at the same time and when we are alone. .,on the flipside , how many and most sects of the 3 main monotheistic world religions I HAVE PERSONALLY studied for years of seeking truth, , the side of non god like human behavior. It all has a decent analogy I compare to it, and one analogy I used before my current line of work, ironically,. So we use bank notes, or any form of paper and metal money for that matter. We understand that it doesnt really exist except for the tangible , completely useless (except conductor metals but irrelevant) materials it is comprised of (the church the preachers and breeders the teachers and the likes of the church involving itself in state affairs where it holds more ground and leeway into its interests based on manipulative machivellianistic leaders) as an inherently valuable commodity or sort of an onformation or anything. but it does play a determining role in society , as faith based and omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. It rules. So , This tangible object made of relatively easy to dupe or manipulate fabric and materials will shape the quality of life for everybody who understands how to use it efficiently or not. It's a multi tiered hierarchy of who can have the most of it as well, just as God of certain religions in certain bibles favors the peoples of that region. Why does the God of the univers in the jewish Torah favor a minority demographic of Israelite tribes, who have suffered endlessly before and after , as well as during the intervention of this divine whereas those not favored by God live posh lives of pirates and pleasure! Sound familiar . Corporate and non corporate elite are condemned by the majority of anyone who not exclusively insider , they are considered so evil that we cannot see them or touch them in any way, because they have capes that make them invisible or they are vampires who only come out at night. Regardless, they control what, like 90 percent of the wealth, in like 10 percent of the pop. of America and its direct interests not involving anything international iv read and domt cite me because I'm not sure, but I think somrthimg like 1 to5 percent of the 10 percent of these elite families control another vvast 90 percent of that 90 percent of wealth ! So, me defacing the God who doesnt favor them to the point of depriving them of complete attention and accountability has caused them to go rogue and exploit us God like pacified pacifist masses , where residing here, some of us see a great subsidization of wealth with poverty and slave trade, both physical slavery and modern disguised physical slavery as what is called debt and loans, amd we domt want to partake in this! We want out of the forcefed archetype of capitalism that's not practiced in a free market, look st government bailouts to companies like AIG in 2008 , yes it was going to compromise the whole process and system of finance. Rendering the God of our understanding being the dollar bill yall, fucking and wholly fucking useless. I am an anarchist. Ok , why do I capitalize on illegal production of defaced government notes i add value to? Well what's better than rejection is fighting the enemy with it's own weapons . Perhaps he knows how to use it to every degree so its futile in the end. But at least he will know and worry about the massrs becoming better equipped at some point to use the weapon harnessed for themselves. In and of itself a new society would br created, a changing of the hands, but then again out of chaos arises order, except in countries where the united states of Americas government and foreign policy is applied. Well, south east Asia cuz who wants to have a holiday in Cambodia? And we cant forget Iraq, we wonder why the middle east hates us to the point of the jihad era of suicidefighting. It is difficult to surmount enemies who not only want to die for religious incentive of better life after honorable death , holy war, but these people have a real world reality based incentive as well. For starters .the Amiriyah shelter bombing in early 90s killed around 500 innocent civilians. US sent a couple bombs , I think on purpose to send a message, because our society is based on the premise of ends justify means..... also the highways of death and rampant and recorded torturing of high ranking and low ranking Iraqi army officials and soldiers. Ok,I'm not sympathizing with Saddam or his cruel and oppressive regime, I'm sympathizing with the people of Iraq who have suffered , mainly due to ancient religious queries of opposing tribes, due to a split over a thousand years ago when the prophet n leader of the Islamic religion died not appointing asuccessor. Thanks Mohammed, . People who belong to Sunni’s believe the Prophets’ trusted friend and advisor this fuckin guy named Abu Bakr i think was the first rightful leader of Muslims or self proclaimed caliphate, while Shias believe that Mohammed’s blood cousin and son-in-law, which is fucked up on a moral and even scientific level because if your blood cousin is your son in law as well, the implication of one of your female (orMale, I'm progressive), cousins being wedded to him is outstanding, and kind of hot. Just kidding, I think even consensual incest amongst adults who didnt even grow up together whith often thwarts attraction all together, who also understand completely the impact of what they r doing is gross not because of prudence or societies standards, really people upload "so called" incest porn for a reason, taboo is held at a certain level of secret reverance,but really only since it leads to a high high high chance of mutated Genes at some point down the line, usually immediately, creating sufferers of mood disorders and mental maladaptive or straight up complete mental disability , and physical disorder and often painful and very life reducing diseases of the body... it doesnt appeal to me even sexually because of this, not becusde I think nothing sexually of my cousin because truthfully she is hot, and I wouldnt ever fuck her even if she offered and I was on high dose of meth and haven't jacked it in about 3 weeks or had sex ever in my life. Also note physical n mental malody are categorized I'm a bunch of subtypes of each gene pairings and have high chances of making quality of life for offspring very very very low at SOME point, and will have introduced more fallacy to human health and mental faculty for generations to come. What if a person like me was running for office? and won? My family was incestuous on both sides, mom and dad, in the 1800s and late 1700s , yes its recorded on ancestry, gr8 website btw. 60 percent of every member on my momds side of the family has a mental disorder diagnosed as mood based or neurological, whereas 100 percent , yes, every single member who is alive today on my dad's side (48 people of direct bloodline, being my great great great great grandfather and mothers offspring withim 33 percent of relative blood stream I guess , as well as 2 concubines which are half as related to me, and that includes another 60 something presently alive, and they show excellent signs of proof that it was my great ggg grand mother who was the catalyst to my gggggrand father's faculties vice versa in destroying my bloodlines mental health) all of the extended family is diagnosed or suspected of by officials or doctors of at least one occurence of at least one diagnosable trait of that disorder . poly substance drug use and alcoholism, usually in conjunction with mood disorders ranging from bipolar and other manic depressive disorders like Cyclothimea, to things like psychopathy , as well as anxiety related disorders like OCD or panic and body dysmorphic perception. Even severe neurological problems that are embedded and present before they rear their hethings like Tourettes syndrome, any motor and vocal tics, even motion disorders I found prevalent after the 6 marriages within first rate family in czhecoslovakia 1800s..talking siblinging and parent child sick shit . Only after the 100 years of familial marriage reproduction on 2 sides of my retraceable lineage does mental fallacy seem to take off with presice and consistent worsening of volume and individual severity. This Shia cousin fucker is named Ali and he was supposedl chosen by Allah to hold the title, according to Shias .looping back a bit. to deface its intended and totally arbitrary value is fighting the ooppressive industrial regime of the west world. A rich white council of nuts said what has value to all, and in that benefit the reaps of the rest of tthe sycophants. I wont bpart of ideas like " it does for I say it does" . And higher authority began exploiting us from b4 America, ...the nowadays diluted culture of monotheism is very ritualized and empty of meaning to newer generations of western and mideastern kids , like me, it's become a cycle of what is now like a kind of GOD-INIZING of HUMANS to the point of immunity impunity and extreme hedonism, and ability of socially tampering with the world ,, I guess the Sioux weren't always allotted even the desolate land now have,because calvinist scum fuck predestination delusional manifest destiny (they were right tho) preachers, they converted many Sioux and other people's by force, and whipped and caned and mutilated their bodies when the language of their folk was spoken.... What they do have now, and its valuable but not visible is a rudimentary and obviously diluted and broken language. It can b repaired, revised, refined. No clear boundaries around certain aspects of its fundamental properties like homonyms, this problem especially written down. It's written in English as well, sort of ironic, no? Anyways , yes I also use the clearnet services too, just using different persona and subtracting any form of monitoring from Google or third parties I can, anyways I domt want borderline homosexual BDSM porn cartoon games advertised to me all the thanks Google, I appreciate the ssentiment but hey, my friend saw all the ads I get recently by shadowing how i use certain plstform to scam ppls and, and well he does targeted marketing himself on social media, freelance funnel ads, he now gets my phishing domains of mock sites into sight of prospective victims. So , he fucking knows....everything....also including but not limited to all of my activities mentioned here as well as skillset - myj mathematical comprehension skills are on an unbelievably dramatic lower playing field than my inclination towards literature and the likes of management , proactivity, reading people's emotions and still not feeling empath or any sort of even slight sympathy, unless I see them being physically exploited as the weaker or more vulnerable party, and I love them, (i am diagnosed to have both highly evolved sociopoathy as my therapist described it, the reason is of me not being delusional and completely opposed to the true nature of my darkened and mental twists, which developed most likely because of trauma I experienced as an early teen. Saw the deaths of 3 people I cared about so much my perception was altered, eventually developed into complete apathy and resentments, guiding me down the path of least resistance when coming to yield my every craving ! I am horrible....also the fucked up addon of the love-to-control and often less common , rare, dare I say unique? , less commonly known, and undocumented almost completely out of history , ...the merger and blending of machivellianistic narcissism, usually ppl who have this mentality are never exposed. by ignorance or knowledge and sense of godlike superiority withheld 100%. I am a fucking sociopathic machiavellian who displays a multitude of a subtype of narcissism that curtails anyone from realizing the nature of my truest intentions. Simply put, I'm so good at being bad nobody knows I'm bad in the ways I am at all, occasionally I will even get carried away with my fantasy I project. I do everything based on self preservation AAnd self benefit. I won't snitch once I do go down, whenever that may be , because it would benefit my extreme ego of grandiose things to not do so. If I were to snitch, I just couldnt. Really, simply because my true identity which is in constant crisis, and inferior complex I hold onto that is extremely over compensated for in other ways, wouldn't allow me to rat , unless I'm wrongly accused or framed, no associates will ever go down with me. And since all current ties n connections I have are equally CULPABLE in our collective efforts to jeopardize banking, 1 dollar padded with +99 at a time, no leaders r here. Only captains go down with ship, though countless others r CULPABLE morally and legally. I'm better than that, we have decentralized egalitarian ideals at my company...yet I have lots of warped values. I steal from sick people and small businesses, i scam in many other ventures like ID theft and vending to deep web clients cloned CCs skimmed from businesses both corporate and not. I'm a hypocrite, a pathological liar who for the first time can remember told a completely truthful account anything consisting of more than one minute of my all too jaded human experience.....
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[S3E16] List of all scenes for Season 3

This is my first reddit post, so please be gentle, but do point out any errors of fact or etiquette I've made.
I've spent some time this week getting ready for the finale episodes by making a list of every scene in every Season 3 episode: what time the scene starts, who's in the scene, and a very limited amount of notes for some scenes. There are probably quite a few errors, and I know I haven't classified all the locations yet (like many Silver Mustang scenes are listed as "LV" instead of "SM").
Comments and corrections are very welcome!
TWIN PEAKS SEASON 3 - SCENES location key: BA - Buenos Aires, Argentina Fa - The Farm FH - Fireman's home (the purple place) GN - Great Northern Hotel (in Twin Peaks) LV - Las Vegas, Nevada NM - New Mexico NY - New York City, New York PH - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Rh - the Roadhouse (Twin Peaks) RR - Double R Diner (Twin Peaks) SC - Sioux City, South Dakota (Yankton Federal Prison) SD - South Dakota SM - Silver Mustang Casino, Las Vegas TP - Twin Peaks, Washington UT - Utah VA - the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia WA - Washington state, outside of Twin Peaks WR - the Waiting Room (Red room) ? - I don't know. "+" means first appearance ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.1 3:43 FH +???????, +Special Agent Dale Cooper ("Remember 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone.") 6:11 TP +Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, +Delivery Driver 8:28 NY +Sam Colby 12:49 NY Sam, +Guard, +Tracey Barberato 15:40 GN +Beverly Paige, +Ben Horne, +Jerry Horne 18:24 TP +Lucy Brennan, +Man in Suit? 19:35 SD Mr. C (Dale Cooper doppleganger), +Robby, +Otis, +Buella, +Ray Monroe, +Darya 24:30 NY Sam, Tracey, +Experiment Model (@ 33:38) 34:35 SD +Marjorie Green (Buckhorn, South Dakota) 36:15 SD +Officer Olson, +Officer Douglas, Marjorie 38:40 SD +Hank Fillmore, Olson, Douglas, Marjorie 40:10 SD Olson, Douglas, Ruth Davenport 41:27 SD Hank, Olson, Douglas, Ruth, +Detective Dave Macklay, +Constance Talbot 43:40 TP +Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady), +Deputy Chief Tommy "Hawk" Hill 45:15 SD Constance, Macklay (Buckhorn Police Department) 46:35 SD Macklay, +Phyllis Hastings, +William (Bill) Hastings 48:18 TP Hawk, Lucy, +Deputy Andy Brennan 49:30 SD BHastings, Macklay, +Detective Don Harrison, +Chief Mike Boyd 56:00 SD Macklay, BHastings 56:42 SD Macklay, Harrison, PHastings (lump of meat) ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.2 1:38 SD BHastings, PHastings, Macklay, +George Bautzer (woodsman @ 6:00) 6:18 SD PHastings, Mr. C 7:20 LV +Duncan Todd, +Roger ("why do you let him make you do these things") 9:05 SD Ray, +Jack, Mr. C, Darya (restaurant) 12:07 TP Log Lady, Hawk (Hawk in trees with flashlight) (pool @ 14:34) 15:08 WR Cooper, +Phillip Gerard, +Laura Palmer (red room) ("is it future or is it past?") (white horse @ 22:05) 23:38 WR Cooper, Gerard, +Evolution of the Arm, +BOB 25:20 SD Jack, Mr. C 26:47 SD Mr. C, Darya (calls Phillip Jeffries @ 36:30) (Jeffries: "you're going back in tomorrow, and I will be with BOB again.") Owl Cave symbol playing card @ 34:32 Mr. C: "This is what I want." 39:22 SD Mr. C, +Chantal Hutchens 40:33 WR Cooper, Evolution of the Arm ("253 time and time again") 42:39 WR Cooper, +Leland Palmer ("Leland: Find Laura."), Evolution of the Arm, Gerard ("something's wrong"), Mr. C, doppleganger of the Arm ("non-ex-ist-ent!") 45:25 NY Cooper, Sam, Tracey (box shrinks @ 47:20) 47:59 TP +Sarah Palmer (her house) 49:12 Rh +Chromatics, +Renee, +Shelly Briggs, +Hannah, +James Hurley, +Freddie Sykes, +Red, +Jean-Michel Renault 52:54 Rh credits 54:23 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.3 1:38 FH Cooper (falling through space, then purple place) 4:25 FH +Naido, Cooper, +Major Garland Briggs (number 15, then number 3, "blue rose") 13:16 FH Cooper, +American Girl (Ronette Pulaski?) (watch with 2:53) 14:36 SD Mr. C (clock at 2:53) (in car) 15:03 FH Cooper, American Girl ("When you get there... you will... already be there.") 16:20 PP/SD Cooper, American Girl ("You'd better hurry... my mother is coming."), Mr. C 19:03 LV +Douglas "Dougie" Jones, +Jade, Mr. C (owl ring, Rancho Rosa) 22:27 WR Dougie, Gerard (owl ring) 25:41 LV Cooper, Jade 29:35 LV +Gene, +Jake, Cooper, Jade (Rancho Rosa) 31:45 LV Gene, +Little Boy, +Drugged-out Mother ("one-one-nine!") (Rancho Rosa) 33:30 SD Mr. C, +First Trooper, +Second Trooper (SD Highway Patrol) 34:25 TP Hawk, Andy, Lucy 39:10 TP Jacoby 41:30 SM Jade, Cooper, Laura, +Security Guard (Silver Mustang Casino) 43:40 SM Cooper, Security Guard, +Cashier, +Slot Machine Man, +Lady Slot-Addict 50:25 SM +Floor Attendant Jackie, Cooper 51:25 PH +FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole, +FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, +FBI Agent Tammy Preston (FBI Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA) (meeting with strange murder "clues") 55:40 Rh +Cactus Blossoms 57:09 Rh credits 58:40 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: +Wise Guy ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.4 1:40 SM +Pit Boss Warrick, guard, boss, Cooper, Floor Attendant Jackie, Lady Slot-Addict 3:50 SM Cooper, +Bill Shaker, +Candy Shaker 5:55 SM +Supervisor Burns, Mr. C, Warrick 9:35 LV +Limo Driver (Al), Cooper, +Janey-E Jones 13:00 LV Cooper, Janey-E 15:35 PH Cole, +Bill Kennedy, +Denise Bryson 19:40 TP Lucy, +Sheriff Frank Truman, Andy 21:32 TP +dispatcher Maggie Brown, +Deputy Jesse Holcomb, Frank, +Deputy Chad Broxford, +Deputy Bobby Briggs 23:25 TP Lucy, Andy 24:30 TP Frank, Hawk, Chad, Bobby, Jesse, Andy, Lucy 28:45 TP Frank, Andy, Lucy, +Wally "Brando" Brennan 33:30 LV/WR Cooper, Gerard, Janey-E, +Sonny Jim Jones 41:41 SD Constance, Macklay, Boyd 42:10 SD Cole, Albert, Tammy, +FBI Driver (SD airport) 44:00 SD Cole, Albert, Tammy, +Warden Dwight Murphy, +Inspector Randy Hollister, Mr. C (SD prison) 50:13 SD Cole, Albert, Tammy 54:20 Rh +Au Revoir Simone 55:16 Rh credits 56:45 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.5 1:40 LV Gene, Jake, +Lorraine (Rancho Rosa) (Argentina box, message "Argent 2") 3:29 SD Major Briggs, Constance, Macklay, Harrison, (wedding ring in stomach: "To Dougie, with love, Janey-E") 4:33 SC Mr. C, +Prison Tech, BOB ("you're still with me. that's good.") 6:50 TP +Mike Nelson, +Steven Burnett 8:10 TP Frank, Lucy, +Doris Truman 10:46 LV Sonny Jim, Janey-E, Cooper 12:17 LV Gene, Jake (Rancho Rosa) 14:00 LV Janey-E, Cooper, +Phil Bisby 16:48 LV Phil, Cooper, +Rhonda, +Frank (Bob Stephenson), +Anthony Sinclair, +Bushnell Mullins, +Darren 23:13 LV Bushnell, Cooper, Phil, Rhonda 25:25 SM Warrick, casino dude, Candie, +Rodney Mitchum, +Bradley Mitchum, +Mandie, +Sandie 28:16 LV Drugged-out Mother, Little Boy, +Punk Leader 30:50 LV Chris, Jade (xxx who is Chris?) 31:47 RR +Norma Jennings, Shelly, +Toad, +Rebecca (Becky) Burnett, Steven 34:11 RR Becky, Steven (cocaine smile) 37:56 LV Cooper, Phil 39:29 TP Andy, Hawk 40:47 TP Jacoby, +Nadine Hurley (Dr. Amp) 45:24 VA +Colonel Davis, +Lieutenant Cynthia Knox (Pentagon, Arlington, VA) (16 fingerprint hits on Major Briggs in last 25 years) 46:40 Rh +Trouble, +Richard Horne, +Charlotte, +Elizabeth, woman, +Federico, Chad 50:56 PH Tammy (Cooper photos & fingerprints) 52:28 SC Mr. C, Warden ("Mr. Strawberry", "the cow jumped over the moon") 55:23 BA (beeping, shrinking box) (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 56:05 LV Cooper, +Officer Reynaldo 56:25 LV credits 58:07 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: +Heidi (fat RR waitress), Hollister, +Detailer, Burns, Jade ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.6 1:43 LV Cooper, Reynaldo 3:27 LV Sonny Jim, Janey-E, Reynaldo, Cooper, +Patrol Officer 6:37 LV Sonny Jim, Cooper (clapper) 9:00 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Sonny Jim 13:12 ? (stop light) 13:30 ?/LV Gerard ("wake up" "don't die"), Cooper (case files scribbles) 18:35 PH Albert, Cole, +Diane Evans (Max Von's Bar) 20:41 TP Red, Richard (coin trick) 27:00 TP Richard 27:24 TP +Carl Rodd, +Mickey 29:33 RR Shelly, +Miriam Sullivan, Heidi 30:57 TP Richard, Carl, +Hit and Run Mom, +Hit and Run Boy, Miriam (yellow "soul", number 6 & 324810) 35:35 LV Todd (computer & folder for Ike) 36:54 LV cops, Drugged-out Mother 37:53 LV +Ike "The Spike" Stadtler 39:33 LV Cooper, Phil, Sinclair, Bushnell (Cooper's scribbles) 45:35 LV Janey-E, +Jimmy, +Tommy 48:04 LV Lorraine, Ike, other woman 49:13 TP Richard 50:15 TP Hawk, Chad (Laura's diary pages) 53:00 TP Maggie, Frank, Chad, Jesse, Doris 54:54 Rh +Sharon Van Etten 56:18 Rh credits 57:52 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: Jade ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.7 1:40 WA/GN Jerry, Ben 3:35 TP Hawk, Frank (Laura's diary pages shown) 7:03 TP Frank (on phone to Harry; Laura's diary pages shown) 8:08 TP Andy, Farmer 9:10 TP Frank, +Doc Will Hayward (rising computer screen) 12:50 SD Knox, Macklay 13:40 SD Constance, Major Briggs, Knox, Macklay, Davis, woodsman at 16:08 16:53 PH Cole, Albert 18:20 PH +Younger Man, Cole, Albert, Diane (Diane's house) 21:36 PH Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy (on airplane) (Cooper's fingerprints, photo of Mr. C & mansion) 23:47 SC Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy, Hollister (Yankton Federal Prison, Sioux City) 24:24 SC Diane, Mr. C 27:05 SC Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy, Warden 27:33 SC Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy 29:25 SC Mr. C, 2 prison guys 30:02 TP Andy 31:17 TP Warden, Mr. C, 2 prison guys 33:42 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Sinclair, +Detective T. Fusco, +Detective "Smiley" Fusco, +Detective D. Fusco, Rhonda, Bushnell (Cooper draws figures) 40:00 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Ike, Evolution of the Arm 41:25 LV Cooper, Janey-E, +Another Mom, +5-Year-Old Girl, +Soccer Mom 42:10 GN Ben, Beverly (Great Northern Hotel) 46:58 TP Beverly, +Nurse, +Tom Paige 49:18 Rh Renault (sweeping peanut shells) 52:38 SC +Prison Guard, Mr. C, Ray, Warden 55:23 RR Shelly, Norma, +Bing (person asking for Billy) 55:55 RR credits 57:24 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.8 1:42 SD Mr. C, Ray 7:40 SD Mr. C, Ray, woodsmen, BOB (Ray calls Jeffries @ 10:50) 11:20 Rh +MC, +"The" Nine Inch Nails 16:00 SD Mr. C 16:21 NM (July 16, 1945 / White Sands, New Mexico / 5:29 AM (MWT)) 18:28 ? (effects) 21:20 ? woodsmen (Dutchman's / convenience store) 24:10 ? Experiment/mother? 26:20 FH outside purple place. (formed from gold globule seen in previous scene?) 28:55 FH +Senorita Dido 30:25 FH Dido, ??????? 33:54 FH ???????, Dido (movie theater) 36:32 FH ???????, Dido, Laura (gold sparks, gold seed, Laura @ 39:05) 39:35 FH ???????, Dido (Fallopian tube) 40:49 NM +frog-locust (1956 / August 5 / New Mexico desert) 42:52 NM +Girl, +Boy 44:14 NM woodsmen 44:38 NM +New Mexico Husband, +New Mexico Wife, +Woodsman 46:06 NM Girl, Boy 48:34 NM Woodsman 49:11 NM +Disc Jockey, Girl 50:00 NM Woodsman, +Receptionist 51:06 NM Woodsman, Disc Jockey, Girl 51:45 NM "This is the water. And this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within." 54:00 NM Girl, frog-locust 56:35 NM Woodsman leaves, "horse whinnying distantly" 56:44 NM credits 58:04 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.9 1:40 SD Mr. C 2:09 plane Cole, Tammy, Diane, Albert 3:35 SD Mr. C, +Gary "Hutch" Hutchens, Chantal 4:43 plane Cole, Diane, Albert, Tammy 6:41 SD/LV Mr. C, Hutch, Chantal, Todd (text: "around the dinner table the conversation is lively") 9:51 LV Cooper, Janey-E, Bushnell, Fuscos, +Desk Sergeant (Las Vegas Police Department) 18:35 LV Ike, Fuscos, more Las Vegas police 20:40 TP Lucy, Andy (chairs) 23:05 TP +Johnny Horne, +Sylvia Horne 24:02 TP +Betty Briggs, Bobby, Frank, Hawk 27:35 SD Diane, Cole, Tammy, Albert, Knox, Macklay 29:47 SD Constance, Major Briggs, Diane, Cole, Tammy, Albert, Knox, Macklay 32:45 WA? Jerry ("I am not your foot") 34:40 TP Chad, Frank, Hawk, Lucy, Bobby 37:37 TP Frank, Hawk, Bobby (Major Briggs' message @ 39:01: sun over left peak, moon & splotch over right peak 253 yards east of Jack Rabbit's Palace before ... Jack Rabbit's ... put some soil from that area in your pocket 2:53 10/1 10/2. other message: COOPECOOPECO and other stuff) 40:35 SD Diane, Cole, Tammy 42:45 SD BHastings, Tammy, Macklay, Cole, Diane 49:25 GN Ben, Beverly 51:56 Rh +Hudson Mohawke, +Ella, +Chloe 55:06 Rh Au Revoir Simone 56:30 Rh credits 58:09 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: Warden Dwight Murphy ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.10 1:41 TP Richard, Miriam (trailer park), Chad 5:04 TP Carl, Steven, Becky (trailer park) 7:00 LV RMitchum, Candie, BMitchum 9:34 LV +Doctor Ben, Dougie, Janey-E 11:49 LV RMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie, BMitchum, +Paul, +Sheena, Ike, Soccer Mom, Cooper, Janey-E, Roger? 15:13 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Sonny Jim (sex) 18:15 ? (wind howling) 18:37 TP Jacoby, Nadine (Dr. Amp) 20:42 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Sonny Jim 21:25 WA Jerry 21:45 TP Lucy, Chad, mailman 24:20 TP Richard, Johnny Horne, Sylvia Horne 28:56 LV Todd, Roger, Sinclair 30:40 SD Albert, Constance, Cole, Tammy 31:25 SM Pit Boss Warrick, Sinclair, BMitchum, RMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie 38:18 LV RMitchum, BMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie 40:12 SD Cole, Laura, Albert, Tammy (Diane received: "Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively", sent: "They have Hastings. He's going to take them to the site.") 43:22 GN/TP Ben, Sylvia 44:27 TP Log Lady, Hawk ("Laura is the one.") 46:17 Rh +Rebekah Del Rio, +Musician (Moby) 51:33 Rh credits 53:12 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: Fuscos ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.11 1:41 TP +Boy Playing Catch, Miriam (trailer park) 3:07 TP Becky (trailer park), Shelly, Norma, Carl 5:30 TP Becky, Carl, Norma, Maggie, Bobby (Carl's van) 7:02 TP Becky, +Gersten's neighbor, Steven, +Gersten Hayward (Gersten's apartment) 8:14 TP Maggie (police station) 8:51 SD Macklay, WHastings, Albert, Diane, Tammy, Cole, woodsmen (Buckhorn), Ruth Davenport, 13:15 woodsmen @ Dutchman's 16:25 RR Bobby, Becky, Shelly, Norma, Red, +Carrie, +Ralph, +Russ, Jesse, +Woman in Car, +Sick Girl, Toad? 24:55 TP Frank, Hawk, Lucy, Log Lady, Jesse (Indian map, mention Blue Pine Mountain, "day after tomorrow") 29:50 SD Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy, Macklay (Ruth's coordinates) 33:48 LV Bushnell, Phil, Cooper, Sinclair 37:40 LV BMitchum, RMitchum 39:40 LV Cooper, Bushnell, Gerard, Limo Driver 42:06 LV Cooper, Limo Driver 43:10 LV BMitchum, RMitchum, Cooper, Limo Driver 50:00 LV piano player, Cooper, BMitchum, RMitchum, Candie, Mandie, Sandie, Lady Slot-Addict 55:26 LV credits 57:03 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.12 1:35 SD Cole, Albert, Tammy (Chet Desmond mentioned) 5:35 SD Cole, Albert, Tammy, Diane 7:37 WA Jerry 8:07 TP Sarah, +Check-Out Girl, +Bag-boy 11:25 TP Carl, +Criscol (Kriscol in subtitles) 13:07 LV Cooper, Sonny Jim 13:37 TP (mountain & woods) 13:51 TP Hawk, Sarah (Sarah's house) 16:06 TP Miriam (hospital) 16:32 SD Diane ("Las Vegas?" text, "THEY HAVEN'T ASKED YET") 17:10 GN Ben, Beverly, Frank (Ben's office) 25:25 SD Cole, +French Woman, Albert (hotel) 31:25 UT? Hutch, Chantal, Warden, +Warden Murphy's Son 33:36 TP Jacoby, Nadine (Dr. Amp) 36:27 ? +Audrey Horne, +Charlie (mentions Billy, Tina, Paul, Chuck) 47:17 SD Diane 49:20 TP (woods) 49:42 Rh Chromatics, +Abbie, +Natalie, +Trick (mentions Clark, Mary, Angela) 53:02 Rh credits 54:34 Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.13 1:40 LV BMitchum, RMitchum, Cooper, Sandie, Mandie, Candie, Sinclair, Bushnell, Todd 4:44 LV +Head Mover, Janey-E, Sonny Jim, Cooper 7:02 Fa Mr. C, Ray, +Renzo, +Muddy, +Farm Accountant, Richard (Western Montana, "The Farm") 23:25 LV Fuscos, Sinclair, +Detective Clark, +Crooked Partner, Desk Sergeant? 27:05 UT Hutch, Chantal (Utah) 28:00 LV Janey-E, Cooper, Sinclair, +Szymon Waitress, +Man in Urinal 34:22 TP Shelly, Becky 35:50 LV Cooper, Sinclair, Bushnell 38:47 TP Bobby, +RR Diner Waitress, +Big Ed Hurley, Norma, +Walter Lawford 44:52 TP Nadine, Jacoby 47:29 TP Sarah 50:14 ? Audrey, Charlie 53:10 Rh MC, James, +Backup Singer #2, +Backup Singer #3, Renee 56:30 TP Big Ed 57:39 TP credits (Big Ed) 59:11 Lynch/Frost Productions xxx owl ring in 3.13 somewhere. ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.14 1:41 SD/TP Cole, Lucy, Frank 4:20 SD Albert, Tammy, Cole, Diane why was ring in Major Briggs' stomach? 9:22 SD/LV Albert, Tammy, Cole, Diane, +Special Agent Randall Headley, +Agent Wilson 11:21 dream Cole, +Monica Bellucci, Cooper, Tammy, Albert, +Phillip Jeffries 14:39 TP Andy, Hawk, Bobby, Frank, Chad 16:10 TP Andy, Hawk, Bobby, Frank, "it's 2:53" 22:00 TP Andy, Hawk, Bobby, Frank, Naido 24:34 TP Andy, The Fireman, Experiment?, Woodsman, Laura, Naido, Cooper, Mr. C, Lucy, 29:00 number 6 29:40 TP Andy, Hawk, Bobby, Frank, Naido 31:00 TP Naido, Andy, Lucy, Chad, +Drunk 33:43 TP Freddie, James 43:26 TP Sarah, +Trucker (@Elk's Point Bar #9), 47:48 face, Experiment?, +Bartender 49:19 Rh +Megan, +Sophie mention Paula, Tina, Billy 52:41 Rh MC, +Lissie 54:25 Rh credits xxx BOB here somewhere? ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.15 1:41 TP (woods & mountains) 2:02 TP Nadine, Big Ed 5:30 RR Big Ed, Norma, Walter, Shelly 10:42 Dut Mr. C, woodsman, +Jumping Man, +Bosomy Woman (the Dutchman's) (number 8 on Jeffries' door) 17:22 Dut Mr. C, Jeffries' apparatus ("who is Judy?") (the Dutchman's) 21:18 Dut Mr. C, Richard (text "Las Vegas?") 24:08 TP +Cyril Pons, Gersten, Steven 30:05 TP Cyril, Carl (Fat Trout Trailer Park) 30:50 Rh MC, James, Freddie, Renee, +Chuck, +Skipper 33:18 LV Headley, Wilson 34:00 LV Todd, Roger, Chantal 34:55 TP Drunk, Chad, Freddie, Hawk, Bobby, James, Naido (jail) 36:35 LV Hutch, Chantal 37:54 LV Cooper, Janey-E, Sonny Jim 41:55 TP Log Lady, Hawk 45:39 TP Frank, Bobby, Lucy, Andy, Hawk 47:40 ? Audrey, Charlie 50:30 Rh +The Veils, +Ruby 53:22 Rh credits 54:57 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: Albert ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.16 1:42 ? Mr. C, Richard 5:02 ? Mr. C, Richard, Jerry (":-) ALL." @ 9:29) 9:50 LV Hutch, Chantal, Headley, Wilson 12:40 LV Cooper, Janey-E, Sonny Jim, Bushnell 13:40 LV Cooper, Janey-E, Sonny Jim, Bushnell, BMitchum, RMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie 17:56 LV Hutch, Chantal, +Polish Accountant, BMitchum, RMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie 24:25 LV Cooper, Gerard (owl ring, seed), Sonny Jim, Janey-E, Bushnell, +Female Doctor 29:12 LV Cooper, Bushnell, BMitchum, RMitchum, Candie, Sandie, Mandie 30:18 LV Cooper, Janey-E, Sonny Jim, Headley 31:33 SD Diane (coordinates: 48551420117163956 34:45 SD Cole, Tammy, Albert, Diane ("I'm in the sheriff's station", "I'm not me") 42:10 ? Diane, Gerard (seed) 43:26 SM Cooper, Janey-E, Sonny Jim, Mitchums (Silver Mustang Casino) 47:05 LV Cooper, Mitchums, Candies 48:38 Rh MC, +Edward Louis Severson (Eddie Vedder) 50:53 Rh Audrey, Charlie, +Throwing Man, +Man Hit with Bottle (Monique mentioned) 56:12 Rh credits 57:36 Lynch/Frost Productions somewhere: Phil ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.17 1:?? 5?:?? ?? credits 5?:?? Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ EPISODE 3.18 1:?? 5?:?? ?? credits 5?:?? Lynch/Frost Productions ______________________________________________________________________ 
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What's happening around town (Wed, Dec 13th - Tue, Dec 19th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Dec 13th

Thursday, Dec 14th

  • 🎨 Cartoons & Comics: The Early Art of Tom Ryan (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am Acclaimed Western artist Tom Ryan (1922-2011) spoke often about those who inspired him: N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Frank Reilly, even Rembrandt. Yet sketches from the Museum’s Dickinson…
  • 🎓 Central Close Up (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Nigh University Center Constitution Hall: This day is specifically designed for high school senior students & their parents. On the day of the event, guests will take a…
  • 🎨 Ceramics Sale (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 9:00am Our working ceramics studio boasts six working instructors, several studio volunteers and countless students. The ceramics program offers classes for students of all skill levels and runs…
  • 🍴 Yukon Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon (Events at - Yukon) Start Time: 11:30am
  • Cindy Wilson (Opolis - Norman) 7pm doors 9pm show $20 $35 VIP meet and greet
  • Deer Creek Prairie Vale Honor Choir (Othello's - Edmond) Start Time: 10:30am Tis the season for the festive carols. Director: Tricia Cochlin
  • Haunted Like Human / Lhotse / Paxton Pennington (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Start Time: 9:00pm The OKC stop on Haunted Like Human's first major regional tour in support of their debut album, Ghost Stories. Free show! Lhotse started as the dormroom songwriting and recording project of…
  • 🎨 Holiday Lights Spectacular (Midwest City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm This family tradition began in 1995 with just 44 displays and has grown to be the largest animated lights display in a five-state region with more than 100 animated light displays. The 1.5…
  • Ian Moore (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm “…To Be Loved,” a progressive pop-rock tour de force that showcases Moore’s expressive vocals, enduring six-string abilities and razor-sharp songwriting skills. Moore has taken his…
  • 🍴 Join Us (On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 11:00am Leave the holiday season cooking to On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina and bring the family to any of the participating locations to enjoy a sizzling hot menu item this festive season to…
  • 😂 JR Brow (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 16th
  • Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Dec 17th Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level, with a mind-blowing show unlike anything you've seen before. Watch your favorite…
  • Medicare 101 (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 11:00am Learn the basics of Medicare coverage and your supplement options. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Guthrie Chamber of Commerce
  • 🎨 Me & Jezebel (Carpenter Square Theatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Carpenter Square Theatre continues its 34th Season with “Me & Jezebel,” a true-life comedy by Elizabeth L. Fuller playing November 20-December 16, 2017. The title comes from one of Bette…
  • 🎨 Queery: Monthly Films (IAO Gallery - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm "Queer" - odd, peculiar, uncanny, curious, bizarre, informal: homosexual, an umbrella term for gender and sexual minorities. "Query" - A formal question, often to express doubt or…
  • Red Earth Treefest (Red Earth Art Center - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 5:00pm Red Earth Art Center celebrates the Christmas season with a decidedly Native twist this year during Red Earth Treefest. Nineteen Native Tribes from throughout Oklahoma have created beautiful…
  • Saints - The Savoy Trio (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Santa's Wonderland returns (The Shop - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am Santa’s Wonderland returns to Bass Pro Shops and Oklahoma City-area families are invited to enjoy this magical Christmas village offering free photos with Santa and free family holiday…
  • School of Music - Musical Theatre: Holiday Revue (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm 7:30 PM - Jazz Lab: Central Musical Theatre: Jazz Lab Holiday Revue 7:30pm, December 7-9 and 14-16 5pm, December 10 UCO Jazz Lab
  • School of Music: Musical Theatre's Holly Jolly Jammin' (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm UCO School of Music's Musical Theatre presents "Holly Jolly Jammin'" at 7:30pm Dec. 7-9, 14-16 and at 5pm Dec. 10 at The University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab. Tickets are $22 and…
  • 🎭 Senior Dance Student Project Showcase (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm A showcase of senior dance students choreography capstone projects. Free for UCO students with current ID
  • 🎨 Showroom | Showcase: Ginna Dowling | Heiroglyphics 2017: The Spirt of our People (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 11:00am Oklahoma City native Ginna Dowling will install a visual storytelling. Hieroglyphics 2017: The Spirit of Our People is based on what Dowling calls “contemporary community hieroglyphs.”…
  • Sounds of the Season (Yukon Fine Arts Center - Yukon) Start Time: 7:30pm TICKETS ON SALE NOW! General admission tickets are $10 and are on sale starting November 17 at the Yukon Community Center, 2200 S Holly; Jackie Cooper Gym, 1024 E. Main; the Dale Robertson…
  • 🎨 Spring Class Enrollment (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am OKCMOA Spring Class Enrollment opens Thursday, December 14 at 9 am! Explore OKCMOA's diverse adult classes, family workshops, and Spring Break camps designed for beginning and intermediate…
  • The Venue OKC - Culture Shock Hip Hop (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm

Friday, Dec 15th

  • 3rd Friday Block pARTy (Downtown - Shawnee) During the 3rd Friday Block pARTy in Shawnee, local restaurants, art galleries and merchants are open late in the…
  • 🎨 2017 Holiday Gift Gallery - Extended Shopping Hours (Firehouse Arts Center - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Shoppers can kick-off the gift-giving season at the Firehouse Art Center’s Holiday Gift Gallery. Open from November 10 through December 23, 2017, this festive extension of the Firehouse’s…
  • 🎨 Cartoons & Comics: The Early Art of Tom Ryan (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am Acclaimed Western artist Tom Ryan (1922-2011) spoke often about those who inspired him: N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Frank Reilly, even Rembrandt. Yet sketches from the Museum’s Dickinson…
  • 🎨 Ceramics Sale (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 9:00am Our working ceramics studio boasts six working instructors, several studio volunteers and countless students. The ceramics program offers classes for students of all skill levels and runs…
  • A Cornerstone Christmas (Cornerstone Church - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Celebrate the holiday season with A Cornerstone Christmas. This Midwest City holiday production features one hour's…
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  • Express Employment Professionals’ 23rd An. Cowboy Christmas Ball (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Presented by Express Employment Professionals, the 23rd annual yuletide dance features Michael Martin Murphey headlining an evening of entertainment for the entire family. An alcohol-free…
  • Express Employment Professionals’ 23rd annual Cowboy Christmas Ball featuring Michael Martin Murphey (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Presented by Express Employment Professionals, the 23rd annual yuletide dance features Michael Martin Murphey headlining an evening of entertainment for the entire family. An alcohol-free…
  • Fall 2017 Graduation: CEPS Undergrad Reception (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 11:00am Fall 2017 Graduates in the College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS): You and your family are invited to attend CEPS' Graduation Reception on Friday, Dec. 15 from 11 a.m.-noon. The…
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  • 🏆 Oklahoma Football (Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium - Norman) Start Time: 3:30pm Oklahoma Football Tickets. Oklahoma Sooners Schedule. Sooners Tickets.
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  • Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Last Day Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level, with a mind-blowing show unlike anything you've seen before. Watch your favorite…
  • OKC Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the OKC Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at the…
  • The Venue OKC - Stay Lit: Official Suicide Boys After Party (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:50pm

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PART 22: Cliff Notes, "Awan Brotherhood / Hillary's Hackers"

George Webb
The following are best-effort transcriptions of the George Webb Video Series. The series is a daily, ongoing open source investigation of HRC with researchers in #HRCRatline on twitter and facebook and trello.
Previous Notes
Hillary's Hackers
  • [Day 148 Proof of Life Part 1]
    • George is in Chicago, at a 3D printing trade show. Proof of life
    • Comey and Schiff doing the tapdance and not talking about the Awan brothers
  • [Day 148 Part 2]
    • Comey's testimony is a charade but it shows all the people involved in the Awan story.
    • They are just bringing the house down
    • Nanoset routers the Awans brought back and installed into the house likely have backdoors
    • Jul 29, 2011 I believe was the start date of all these fake corporations
    • That was 8 days before Seal Team 6 was shot down, as revenge for Bin Laden
    • I believe the nanoset tech is a hacking corporation
    • George recaps "indications" for conspiracy -- including the 31 House Dems that installed the Awans, who happen to be the most vocal in the Comey hearing, pushing the Russian narrative--as a misdirection from the Awans.
    • We have SEALs killed at both the beginning and end of this saga.
    • The operation was named "New Dawn" by Obama changed the name of it on that day {{ "New Dawn" Publishing assoc, with Awans }}
    • Way too many coincidences around July 2011, so I think we need to start looking at server logs around that time as well as January 17 of this year.
  • [Day 149 Part 2] -- {{ HRC's FRUITS OF EVIL edition }}
    • Dulles wax fruit drug trafficking recap
    • Mike Morell meeting with PK intelligence 13 days before 27th (in last week of July 2011 Mango delivery to Chicago Ohare airport) saying he's going to crack down on spy rings.
    • There is an arrest in NYC of Sayed, the guy who arranged this PK drug ratline I'm going to talk about it.
    • Hillary and Huma email talking about this "new era" in India and Pakistan; and the Awans starting their company on the 29th called the "new dawn", 4 days later
    • Gulen school headquarters of the concept schools located in Devon, just a few miles from Ohare in Chicago and it's within a few miles from Park Ridge where Hillary is from.
    • A few miles to the east is Raja Foods Inc
    • I'll be talking to all these people who touched these mangoes
    • We'll figure out why the Awan brothers all the way in DC wanted to be involved in this fruit business, given they were IT people dealing with routers.
    • We're going to ask why they had a technology company (nanoset) that was taking routers out of House of Representatives, doping them and then putting them back in and (re)selling them to the US Government.
    • There is so much evidence here it's hard to present it in one go.
    • Huma and Hillary were very interested in this spy Sayed / Said getting caught
  • [Day 149 Part 3]
    • Visiting Raja foods
    • George talks about tight margins on mangos and how it doesn't make sense that they would fly in Pakistani mangoes when Mexico mangoes are available
    • Right after Mike Morell meets with PK intelligence, there is a 'new era' or 'new dawn' after which Raja Foods starts receiving Pakistani mangoes rather than Indian mangoes.
  • [Day 149 Part 4]
    • A new update: believe it or not there is an executive from that company I talked about [Raja foods?] called AATI that has a position on the National Mango Board, Aati
    • {{ I can't confirm anything in this particular video, sorry George.}}
    • {{ is the NMB in america and was founded in 2005, not 2008 and there are no PK nationals or PK doctors that I can tell on the board and don't appear to be so going back to founding, mostly white and latino people -- that I cannot confirm anything above bothers me }}
  • [Day 149 Part 5]
    • USDA reports of food smuggling; Mary Beth Goodman goes from National Security Council to working in the USDA on approval of things like mangos. The USDA database is somehow deleted on Feb 4, 2017 in some kind of horrible industrial mishap.
    • Other connections to 'mangogate'
  • [Day 149 Part 6]
    • Mangogate summary
    • If you take valuable cargo space from Pakistan to fly mangoes to Chicago, you first have to go to the USDA in Sioux city, Iowa and then drive them back. I doubt very much that the USDA would pay for that transportation cost.
    • 16-17 hour trip over land
    • I believe they never make the trip--or some do
    • All the records for irradiation were destroyed conveniently by Mary Beth Goodman in February
    • {{ Guess that's the end of Mangogate }}
  • [Day 150 Part 1]
    • Update on the wikileaks update. RT covered the Awan story, and wikileaks retweeted
    • Fay, a researcher gave the story to her editors at RT
    • This has raised the profile of the tweets
    • All the work is working, it's a slow process, just keep adding evidence.s
  • [Day 150 Part 2 (part 1)]
    • Park Ridge where Hillary is from.
    • {{ Phone Camera software is doing very weird stuff yo George's face. Wow, weird.}}
    • Fay Turnbull (with permission) broke the story with RT
    • The reporter who reported it is @chrismacguire; it's been the top running story in RT all day
    • So we're off to the Gulen School
  • [Day 150 Part 3 (part 2)]
    • I'm outside the Casino here
    • I put in 2250 East Devon Avenue and it's in the middle of the Des Plains River: the headquarters for the Gulen school
    • We'll find out where it is.
    • {{ Maybe it's under the river, in a facility with cold pizza chained to the walls. Sorry. }}
  • [Day 150 Part 4]
    • I'm here at the Concept School's Headquarters
    • I noticed the FAA is in the same building,
    • Along with the Animal and Plant Health Inspections Service USDA in the same building,
    • That's the same service used in Sioux City Iowa for the inspection service
  • [Day 150 Part 6]
    • More convinced than ever that it's all one thing --the organ harvesting, the gambling, the drugs, all the other bad stuff
    • Biological resource center is right across the street from the Rosemont Casino
    • Nearby is the Gulen School; and the FAA and the Biological / Plant inspection for USDA
    • Btw the Gulen schools I think are good schools--and the people working there have no idea
    • I get the feeling that those PK mangos are not going to Sioux City, but there's some special relationship for those mangos to get cleared right through the casino
  • [Day 150 Part 7--Summary] -- News analysis part 1
    • When these ratlines come down, they come down quickly; and it's not pretty when they fall
    • I know Andrew McCabe has been doing wiretaps for Hillary for 20 yrs; I'm just gathering proof
    • Devin Nunes says there were dozens of [intercepts], he did mention FISA
    • There is also a way to get much more, using liason operations through the CIA. With CIA you can do fair game
    • Surprised Andrew would even go for FISA unless he was going to present something for a formal proceeding
    • You use your PK agents to do massive wiretaps of everyone in the Trump campaign, everyone in Congress/Senate; but then you look like you need to do a formal proceeding, so you do an assessment and then ask for a FISA warrant--that's what McCabe has been doing for 20 yrs
    • That's the part people are missing that I'm trying to get here. You use Liaison operation through CIA, and you collect information that you can get through the ODNI as well. When you're finally ready to present a case, way down the track, 3 yrs into it, they finally open an assessment.
    • Assessments and FISA warrants are asked for at the very end and only in cases where they are going to go to court. Which is a complete end run around US Law
    • People are seeing that the Chicago operation is crumbling, the best thing you can do if you are USDA, DEA, FBI in one of the field offices, you are great people--the best thing you can do is get the intelligence to Devin Nunes, to the Trump campaign to the ODNI and let the chips fall where they may. You don't want to be the one where they hang out the local guy to dry and frame you up. The folks running the show need to answer for what they've been doing.
    • I want this to go out to @Stranahan -- at Breitbart, ostracized from the press room
    • @RT_com broke our story. Finally we broke through with @RTUKNews {{ you have /conspiracy mods to thank for that--they're sticky caused trending in SM }}
    • Too bad a horrible incident in the UK today kind of stepped on our story because we were number 1 in news all morning through to the UK incident
    • Anyone working as a staffer on any of the Congressional committees, now's the time to come forward to Devin Nunes, go straight to the President. Now is the time to come clean.
    • Mango recap
    • If you are part of the operation you can send an anonymous mail to Nunes or Trump. Do NOT send through your normal channels and tipline and FBI {{ you will end up dead, not in jail -- They ppl are criminals--watch the whole series }}
    • After this reporter wrote right after the Haitian earthquake, 'Building Haiti's Economy one Mango at a Time', he goes to work for Clinton Foundation
    • Redacted email on apr 7th and 8th "Fresh products" another euphemism for heroin mangoes
    • Staffers need to come forward with all the contracts to Nanoset Technologies. The conspiracy is falling apart before our eyes as we speak.
    • When these leaks end in the deaths of the Navy SEALS, people stop fearing the JTTF style intimidation tactics.
    • There are at least 3, possibly 4 whistleblowers coming forward today. More will continue until you are all caught.
    • Come forward now, and blow the whistle on the Nanoset or New Dawn {{ otherwise it won't go well for you }}
    • Dan Coates now runs ODNI, so they now have a lot more info on the Awans activity in PK than I have
    • Now Indian Intelligence is making arrests related to the the PK ISI infiltration.
    • We don't see this in our news media, but the whole network is being dismantled faster than you can imagine. Get out now.
  • [Day 150 Part 8-Bonus]
    • If they actually did take the mangos from ohare to sioux city iowa, they would have to go through the city of Walcott, Iowa
    • There are all these casinos--you should think of casinos as just another form of banking
    • Michael Milliken and Ivan Boski(?) using casinos to do all the junk bond money laundering
    • Someone else pointed out this is known as drug route USA
    • Quad cities in Iowa on the river: Rock island, Bettendorf, Boline, and Davenport
    • If you had a network / ratline you wanted to establish and you wanted to do it through a brotherhood--the first one was the teamsters
    • FBI/CIA through counterterrorism co-opted the Teamsters and consolidated it in Chicago in 1973 through Alan Dorfman when they consolidated the pension funds called "the Crime organization" {{ Chicago Outfit }}[]
    • {{ George says he 'did a lot of work in that area' in this and other interviews (living in NYC with a playboy model and her bf)-- I think George was an investigative journalist in the 70s before he transitioned to software sales and DBA work; or he's some kind of intelligence agent }}
    • Another piece of trivia is here is that right off I-80 is a high school where Neil Brown is from
    • Also the other Neil Brown that runs Politi-Fact which does fact-checking for the Clintons. They rated Bill and Hillary Clintons as the two most honest people in the history of politics. The poli-fact Neil Brown is also from this area in Iowa he went to Univ of Iowa; so is Neil Brown (Bravermans)
    • Neil Brown and Eric Braverman were supposed to get married off I80 in Iowa--I'd love a citation for that--why would you do that, other than to create a folksy backstory for Neil Brown to run for president
  • [Day 151 Part 1]
    • A word on surveillance: their ideology as revealed by Snowden was "collect it all" and store in UTAH
    • You want the same thing for your physical surveillance. In battle you want to know where all your assets are, your friendlies and enemies are at all times.
    • This capability has been working on this at NORAD. This has been worked on in Cheyenne Mtn. in CO for a long time.
    • The person who worked on this capability is James Clapper at the National Geospacial Agency (NGA), he was an expert in Geospatial tracking.
    • There are special materials you can spray on the battlefield and then view and track from space (nanoparticles)
    • George wanted to impress upon you that the USMIC is interested not just in data surveillance but also physical surveillance; and for everyone, including friendlies AND enemies (US Citizens, Everyone, Everywhere)
  • [Day 151 Part 2]
    • If you are managing a ratline, it's not just good enough to manage the electronic surveillance, you need to also manage where things physically are.
    • If you want someone to be an organ donor you need to know where those donors are physically located at all times; drugs; sex/child trafficking
    • If you are David Blum and you spent 450M on Rosemont Casino, and you need to pay for it, you will need to manage a lot of mangos being delivered to a lot of different places to pay for it.
  • [Day 152 Part preroll]
    • George visits Gulen HQ and asks for an interview with his phone recording covert video of the request and visit
  • [Day 152 Part 1]
    • @Stranahan @RT_com @RTUKNews
    • "The Hammer" article with John Brennan[]
    • Satellite folks, NGA -- when you put the data from wiretaps (cell/landline) together with the NGA information, along with other information that you hack with the Awan brothers, that's when you get the ability to manage a ratline. That's why you need TOP SECRET access and foreign nationals. Because you want to protect your ratline
    • Gen Grange and son in VA example, and Sid Blumenthal in the Near East
    • James Clapper is the innovator in "The Hammer", combining the NSA info that revolutionized ratline mgmt
    • A new St. Louis NGA 100 AC site
    • NGA in VA is in Springfield VA -- where Awan's father Pir Mohammed Shah and stepmother lived
    • Mohammed Shah spent time here at the NGA, to manage the ratline. You need to know where your ratlines are just as importantly to know where the US military forces are, so you can avoid intersection/confrontations
    • Mango-Casino laundering system described mangos to chips to money
    • Eye of God training
    • New Dawn email was about establishing a new ratline in Pakistan
    • Emerging threats committee will find that there are emails on US MIL movements on the Awan's server; SCIF will be drone information. Not sure why foreign nationals got top secret clearance.
    • Still haven't gotten anything from Capitol Police
    • RT article got stepped on by Parliament attack
    • Steve Piezcenik retweeted it, it's gaining momentum again
    • Nanoset tech equipment is still in Texas and in the VA in Arizona at the least. They need to be removed since they are still being used as backdoors to get access to our intelligence.
  • [Day 152 Part 2]
    • Information coming in about wiretaps for the last 20 yrs
    • Homen square / It started with project phoenix -- they are playing out the same playbook
    • I believe Homen Square is more than just an interrogation center; I think it's a funnel point for people to be prepped for organ harvesting
    • Here's Neil Blum. He owns Rosemont Casino, Rush Street Gaming. Casinos in Philadelphia Pittsburg.
    • I think you're going to find that these casinos are next to hospitals and biorecovery medical centers
    • He also has the biorecovery center next to the Rosemont; and he's on the board of NW university for the Blum cardiovascular center
    • "Heart Donor Alley" in Chicago (lots of murders) -- "Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people | US news [2015]"[]
    • George wants to ask around Homen square to see what time EMTs come and go; thinks it's not appropriate for helicopters because of proximity, 5.7mi
    • I believe the recipient will be Northwestern University Feinberg school of medicine
    • I believe the ratline started in 1995 just after Hillary's "superpredator speech" and I do believe Ruben Feinberg was the person who put that in motion.
    • Everywhere Blum's casinos go, the mangos come and go; the Gulen schools with translators and the people in the back who can't speak english and are converting hawal (?) into dollars; Raja foods is in the shadow of NW university
    • I have to follow the casinos and the facts and all the bioresources center that's already been convicted for organ harvesting, which is right across the street from his casino
  • [Day 153 Part 1]
    • @Stranahan @RT_com @RTUKNews
    • "How History Solves the Mystery"
    • If you use just the history of Hillary, back to Mena Ak, you need people in Intelligence to help you avoid the local police in order to run the ratlines.
    • If you use Ak Development Foundation as a way to launder money, then when you become president (or wife), then you simply move the same operation to DC and it goes national
    • And when you become Sec of State / Shadow Sec, then you recruit foreign intelligence and it goes international. Instead of having Ak prisoners as the enforcers, you have the Muslim Brotherhood and it's gone worldwide. It's just history repeating itself.
    • Iran-Contra recap w/ Amjad Awan
    • If you want to know the history of ratlines, look at the life of Graham Fuller-- he's the one who came up with the idea of brownstones and police blackmailing and then 'soft coup' tactics of native informants and plants; and unusual money laundering funnels and strategies for running drugs, guns, etc
    • "The Lost Hegemon" Engdahl
    • Any time you see the torture centers, it's Yale (brickman : phoenix program) driving this.
    • Fusion centers in major cities; central collection point like Saigon run by John McCain {{Where? Phoenix AZ?}}, the last stop on the torture circuit before they become dog food, but first they are organ donors
    • This is a signature of Yale--using all of society's institutions to undermine the people at the bottom. The Harvard methodology is about gaining positions at the top; Yale is about undermining the people at the bottom.
    • When you have a news item that doesn't have any perspective, it's hard to understand that in its singularity; but if you understand that Mohammed Shah had worked with Amjad Awan on the original Mena ratline 39 yrs ago, the original heroin ratline and now he's setting up that ratline in the US and Canada.
    • Why is Mohammed Hunzla coming to the Hawkshead home; LCC lightbridge is doing the hacking into the cell system for the US ratlines to give info to HRC and for the Pakistani ratlines when he goes home.
    • DMA Defense Mapping Agency used to be for collecting maps on intel but then it was changed into a way to spy on americans.
    • Why do all the secrecy / coverup by the IT hack by the House Democrats: it's to protect ratlines. Mena, Arkansas was 100M/month; it's balooned to 6B/month
    • 18 emails between Hillary and Huma about MANGOS; it's Dulles' United Fruit all over again
  • [Day 153 Part 2]
    • The Awan story is not going the way we want it to go; instead it will go back to wiretaps
    • Carl Cameron on Judge Jeanine talking about Dennis Montgomery
    • 47 Hard Drives, 40-50 Emails between Mongomery and Clapper and Brennan, trying to crack the crypto on the drives
    • "Brennan email breached"
    • The part on Fox on Judge Jeanine won't cover NGA; which is managing the ratlines
    • 46 lbs of Cocaine Straws found in Mango shipment [2015][]
    • The story will reveal there is a computer center in MD called "the Hammer" that brute forces cryptokeys
    • All the drug dealers will be brought to Homen Square for final interrogation before they become dogfood or organ donors
    • I now believe Syed Pir Mohammed Shah did die in Jan 2017
    • I do believe they were taking dad's ratline money back to Pakistan--Awans' own facebook point to that.
  • [Day 153 Part 3]
    • I think I found a link between Awan brothers and flights from Chicago; from Gerry KGYY smaller airport where the outgoing flights to Wash, DC; half civilian half military airport
    • Strong indications that the Awans are making a lot of trips to Reagan airport
    • I believe that is financing all the cutouts or proprietaries in the DC area for all the people coming in from Pakistan. Setting up their housing and their cars and making sure they leave no footprints. When a Muslim Brotherhood guy comes in, a techie specialist from Pakistan, they don't want to have to get a Drivers license or buy a house or have a rental agreement. The Awans are in charge of that, and I think I've established a link from Gerry Airport for the drugs coming in to pay for that. They are using the car dealership where people are "buying cars" from them and {{ instead }} they are giving them drugs to pay for operations in the Washington area.
    • If McCabe wants to get on that he knows right where to go
    • We've outlined 22 different companies the Awans opened up to create all these ratlines.
    • There's the same ratline in Canada from Montreal down to Toronto, all the way to Detroit. I'm just following the companies they opened.
    • Cameron is going to break the story tonight on Montgomery; Montgomery is going to say he has 47 hard drives and 600M documents from Brennan and Clapper; I don't know how these guys are going to deny that. When you put that much email through a software engine on a supercomputer it's going get metadata and reports; even if they did scrub (redact), he's still got metadata he can piece together.
    • I dont' think they will break the NGA story. I think this is just as important as Snowden's NSA story, but they won't cover it.
    • Mango ratline won't just be Pakistan but Hait, Mexico; it's not only going to be heroin but also cocaine
    • The airport is half military and half civilian. Lots of flights go out at night--who knows what they are doing.
    • They may not just be running mango flights but could also be running Johns Hopkins heart flights.
    • Time correlation around Awans whereabouts and flights from Gerry to Reagan
    • Awan's family research
  • Day 154 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube
    • @Stranahan @RT_com @RTUKNews
    • Connection from Hillary to Muslim Brotherhood goes back to 1984 and the key to have an intelligence cover for that activity
    • You can't have one without the other
    • You have to have a functioning brotherhood if you have the US military blowing it up all the time
    • You have to have these wiretaps and doped routers in order to protect your field force
    • And as far as McCabe goes, he's smart enough to know that you use surrogates and the liaison loophole to do the wiretapping and hacking and you don't do it with your own hands, that way you don't have to report to congress
    • Amjad Awan / Marc Rich recap -- This shows a link to Pakistan drug business
    • Whether this is Awans' father or not--Syed Pir Mohammed Shah (SPMS)--whether or not Nima is related...doesn't really matter because Imran Awan had Syed Pir Mohammed Shah on his facebook. He was part of SSP radical group that is managing territory along the PK border and is a rebel group; and the other is PSP which is PK intelligence (ISI) related police force
    • SPMS was in a picture in front of many police on PK day, 3/23, which is a celebration of when PK split off Bangladesh and PK from India
    • Golden Crescent recap, before 1979 the Golden crescent didn't produce much opiates 10-20%, now it's 90% of the "worlds opium is produced in [Afghanistan] {{ GW misspoke said Pakistan }}
    • Punjab is the center of PK intelligence. It shows the heroin/opium/synthetic opiates coming in being processed, refined in Punjab
    • There was a plane that left from Karachi bound for UAE when Trump was being inaugurated, there were 7 hand-written tickets and the passenger stood in the isle which is a violation in a sold-out plane. 4 Awan Brothers, 2 wives and Imran Awan's baby
    • Opium has been around since 500BC, opium trade has been going on a long time {{ long live the Queen }}
    • 90% is grown in Afghanistan, value added when it's refined in Pakistan. By reducing the opium to morphine, there's an 88% reduction in volume; conversely the value per ton goes up as well
    • There's a little strip of Afghanistan between Pakistan and Tajikistan and it's easy to fly a helicopter over that small strip of mountainous area.
    • The person who set up all the English teachers in Tajikistan and other stans and that was Gulen
    • There was a secret plan between Devin Nunes and Gen Michael Flynn to kidnap Gulen, which is unnecessary because Trump could simply extradite him.
    • {{ Except he has a ton of money and the HRCRatline would stop Trump from extraditing him }}
    • Golden Route Recap / Malaysian Banks (Gulen)
    • GW was wrong, Cameron didn't go on Jeanine (Justice) and didn't break the Montgomery story
    • Mango Ratline recap {{ Hillary's mangos }} -- Through Chicago Ohare and Raja Foods
    • Whenever I see a drug ratline I look for a body parts ratline, because Dr. Ali Attar was involved in Iraq-Iran bodypart Ratline
    • Body part ratline is going from Homen Square in Chicago to Northwestern surgical
    • If you want disprove this tomorrow, then put cameras in Homen Square and let clients there see their lawyers...It just seems that no one ever leaves Homen square. Until this process has light I'm not taking this down
    • One of the ways Air Traffic is controlled, is there are 22 different ARTC - Air Route Transit Control (artsy) -- Chicago ARTC center is in suburban Chicago called Aurora, Chicago. They manage a large area.
    • I went looking for Gary Flight records. They manage all the records including ag-tags for produce
    • I believe the produce is coming in to Ohare and hopping to Gary or any smaller airports
    • When I went to get the records, I found out 'oops' we had a contractor in 2014 smoking a spliff who committed suicide, but before he did he just happened to burn all the FAA ag and flight records from the small records. Turns out he didn't commit suicide though.
  • Day 154 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube
    • Other Awans that happened to be in Springfield Va where they trapped their stepmother
    • 22 different Awan companies that they have
    • They have the habit of going into business and going out of business 16 months later
    • The most troublesome one--since they had TOP SECRET access in congress--was selling Nanoset routers back to the US Government as a contractor
    • Agromarketing could be selling mangos or rice like Bill Clinton used to sell to Haiti.
    • Rice was the old way of moving bulk opium and then mangos became the way to ship refined heroin in them.
    • Awan recap
    • Another Awan brothers was Awan Brothers Inc in DC, registered in springfield Akhlaq Awan; they were a rice shipping company; odd coincidence of dates that correspond to the other Awans' companies activities
    • Another Awan in Newark New Jersy that's a Martial arts importer near the mosque celebrating 9/11, maybe not related, but there's another Awan Brothers Pharma importing from Punjab Pakistan, they are importing casing and exporting animal drugs; animal drugs go through USDA not FDA in terms of clearing. If you had a USDA place located near a Gulen school and an airport (like in chicago) you could clear all your animal drugs; you could clear mangos as well as rice through that area
    • Awan Brothers Inc -- Springfield Va also have a scrapmetal company that disposes laptop and computer equipment
    • Lots of awan corporations they started are a smoking gun
    • Once I got all my info off the computer, I could use my own scrapmetal company to get rid of any evidence
    • All the companies they started seem to be things that help them recycle spies into our government
    • Wouldn't that be amazing if they just let the old Awan trading company in PK just persist after Amjad Awan was arrested for drug biz. "That would be pretty cheeky" But I think that's exactly what has happened.
    • Awan brothers could be 111 spies trained by ISI brought into the US, and cycled through the US for various jobs, liaison operations for Andrew McCabe
    • I'll prove that number in the next video
  • Day 154 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube
    • For every cohort you put into the field you will need 2 support officers, 2 intelligence officers. They are providing support functions so they don't get killed.
    • The Awans are going to be setting up the cars, the houses, the computers, all the things you need to equip the hackers that are coming into the US
    • Cohorts of about 11; 9:2 ratio -- that's the ratios of the old gladio programs, a and b
    • The reason to use PK ISI in the US to dope the wireless routers and run wiretaps is so that the FBI doesn't need to open an assessment, they just open liaison operations. They don't have to go to the president.
    • I think I figured out the badges, the top secret access
    • The Awans were selling these routers back to the USGOV as a Gov contractor. I think Nanoset is an important proprietary there, otherwise there's not a way to get the router back in.
    • You have to steal the router to get it out obviously to dope it, but you have to get it back in somehow
    • This is going to require complicity
    • This is where I believe Dyncorp comes in. Those 30 federal agencies where Dyncorp has purchasing power. FBI, CIA DHS all those. Fed.Bureau of Prisons. That's where you're going to find the contract with Nanoset Technologies. Maybe they are a subcontractor of Lightbridge communications or somebody else like AAIT
    • But I believe Nanoset Technologies is going to be the technology provider to those providers like Base One
    • I had the eureka moment when I saw the 22 companies for housing, doing the rice marketing ,and also the car companies all lining up at 16 month segments. That's going to be the amount of time an operative comes in from Pakistan and they're going to have 16 months. That's why you open up the companies for them so they can drain the company and have money to live on. You bring in the rice and for them to have drugs they can sell, so they can have money to do their mission. The reason they need this off-books money is so they don't create any footprints (traceable money or records), bills and so forth
    • I believe it's going to be Base One buying from Nanoset Technologies
    • I couldn't figure out how they are doing the badges--How are they cloning the badges for these cohorts coming into the US
    • Then I figured it out. I read one news story where it said Imran brought an operative, brought someone through the first day to introduce them, kind of walking them through. So he had the top secret badge just walking the person through, saying 'this person is going to start tomorrow'. He's already been a contractor with the company so Imran just gives the guy his badge the next day. If he is ever stopped by a guard and they look at the badge for a photo he has a 2nd badge with his photo. But the operative badge, the one Imran got originally is the one he uses to get through the door. Nobody ever checks
    • THat's exactly what happened with Mohammed Hunzla. That's why he was living at the Hawkshead drive house. He was walked through. Wherever Lightbridge, whatever contracts he did with Lightbridge, it's gonna probably be under the name Mohammed Hunzla Awan. He's going to go with the first initial of the middle name and then add Awan at the end. That's how he keeps separate all the different agents.
    • I believe they are doping the Global Information Grid at DISA. And I also believe they're doing the DHS systems.
    • This is why the TOP SECRET access is important. When you clone you want to clone the highest access you can get
    • The NGA is going to be very important. This NGA is another Snowden waiting to happen. When the story breaks with NGA and Clapper.
    • When the FAA flight records, the USDA flight records is going to be the next big story: 22 different operating pods with Gary being the key point of distribution {{ of the Mango Ratline }}
    • I believe Number 111 is the number in training class
    • If Mohammed Shah is not Imran Awan's father then it's at least his trainer for his pod for ISI, because all the Awans were posting pictures of him on their facebook over several years
    • Here are the rice shipments spaced 16 months apart
    • Video is called 111 Awan brothers, with lots of devil imagery. Song is called 111
    • I believe it will be 3 cohorts of 33 and then there's going to be 15 officers or whatevers left over {{ 12 }} in this group
    • Sayed Fai. I have lots of listings {{links}} below saying he admits to being ISI and the Kashmiri separatist group
    • The reason why Kashmir is so important, it's right up at that border with Tajikistan where the drugs are coming through
    • We need a list of those 20 that were burglarized and police reports to be published on the web
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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