Goldfish Spielautomat – Spielen Sie Den Slot Online Kostenlos

Pulled a few more slots at the Goldfish Casino last night!

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FUN Scratch Added/Removed Items 8/5/2020 (2am EDT)

Added/Removed/Extended FUN scratch. Items will be removed as of 8/5/2020 2am EDT
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SABAI99 Slots

SABAI99 Slots
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SABAI99 is about entertainment and fun in a safe and responsible gaming environment. If you have any queries or questions, our well-trained customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.
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Masihkah Situs Judi Slot Online Yang Gampang Menang Ratujudi?

Masihkah Situs Judi Slot Online Yang Gampang Menang Ratujudi?

Masihkah Situs Judi Slot Online Yang Gampang Menang Ratujudi?

Masihkah Situs Judi Slot Online Yang Gampang Menang Ratujudi? - Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa slot online yang sering menang belum tentu kita temukan yang akan membagi-bagikan bonus seperti di judi slot online yang ada aplikasi nya bukan begitu ? Yuk intip keseruan bagaimana cara kita bermain di game slot online yang mudah menang, karena kami admin pragmatic18 sebagai penyedia jasa permainan slot online yang mudah menang ingin berbagi pengalaman serunya disini...
Situs Ratujudi sebenarnya merupakan situs judi slot online yang gampang menang yang kita temukan sebagai slot online 168. Namun percaya tidak percaya kalau situs slot online 188 yang terbaik tidak bisa kita temukan disana. Kenapa ? Tanya kenapa...
Karena situs slot online 100 yang memiliki game slot online 1688 hanya terdapat di situs joker234. Situs judi slot online terpercaya 2020 yang sudah memiliki jutaan penggemar dan pengguna slot bri online 24 jam di tanah air.
Aplikasi yang dikembangkan oleh situs slot online 24 jam di joker234 merupakan ciptaan seorang proffesor gamer di United States yang dirancang khusus untuk memberikan kejutan bagi mereka yang suka main slot online 303.
Game slot 3d online di joker234 dijamin tidak bakalan rugi punya, karena banyak varian goldfish 3 slot online yang disuguhkan disana. Mulai dari situs 3 slot machine online di pragmatic, playtech, habanero, dan sebagainya terdapat disana.
Bagaimana ? apakah anda tertarik untuk main di situs judi zeus 3 online slot di situs joker234 ? Meskipun ada kejutan goldfish 3 slot machine online untuk para player baru slot online 555, namun joker234 tetap masih di posisi pertama sebagai situs slot online 88.
Berada di garis depan dan mencapai pool position slot online 888, situs joker234 tentu saja melayani untuk judi slot gratis online 888, dengan minimal deposit dan withdraw hanya sebesar Rp.15.000,- seluruh kalangan masyarakat Indonesia dari ekonomi kelas bawah hingga atas dapat merasakan sensasi main situs casino slot online 888 bersama kami.
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Ayoo, segera cari tau informasinya mengenai casino slot games online 888 di situs joker234 yang paling banyak peminatnya.
Serta rasakan juga pengalaman slot machine online 888 yang telah kami paketkan bersama slot online 99 dibawah link game slot online 918kiss ini
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Masihkah Situs Slot Online Via Pulsa Telkomsel di Betjoker303?

Masihkah Situs Slot Online Via Pulsa Telkomsel di Betjoker303?

Masihkah Situs Slot Online Via Pulsa Telkomsel di Betjoker303?

Masihkah Situs Slot Online Via Pulsa Telkomsel di Betjoker303?- Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa situs 7 online slot game belum tentu kita temukan yang akan membagi-bagikan bonus seperti di 7 online slot bukan begitu ? Yuk intip keseruan bagaimana cara kita bermain di slot online via ovo, karena kami admin pragmatic18 sebagai penyedia jasa situs slot online via pulsa telkomsel ingin berbagi pengalaman serunya disini...
Situs Betjoker303 sebenarnya merupakan situs slot online vegas yang kita temukan sebagai slot online winrate tinggi. Namun percaya tidak percaya kalau slot world online casino yang terbaik tidak bisa kita temukan disana. Kenapa ? Tanya kenapa...
Karena situs judi slot online big win yang memiliki slot online xl hanya terdapat di situs joker234. Situs judi slot online yang mudah menang yang sudah memiliki jutaan penggemar dan pengguna judi slot online yang gampang menang di tanah air.
Aplikasi yang dikembangkan oleh situs slot online yang sering menang di joker234 merupakan ciptaan seorang proffesor gamer di United States yang dirancang khusus untuk memberikan kejutan bagi mereka yang suka main situs slot online youtube.

Game judi slot online yg ada aplikasi nya di joker234 dijamin tidak bakalan rugi punya, karena banyak varian game slot online yang mudah menang yang disuguhkan disana. Mulai dari permainan slot online yang mudah menang di pragmatic, playtech, habanero, dan sebagainya terdapat disana.
Bagaimana ? apakah anda tertarik untuk main di situs judi slot online yang gampang menang di situs joker234 ? Meskipun ada kejutan slot online 168 untuk para player baru slot online 188 terbaru, namun joker234 tetap masih di posisi pertama sebagai situs slot online 100.
Berada di garis depan dan mencapai pool position slot online 1688, situs joker234 tentu saja melayani untuk slot online terpercaya 2020, dengan minimal deposit dan withdraw hanya sebesar Rp.15.000,- seluruh kalangan masyarakat Indonesia dari ekonomi kelas bawah hingga atas dapat merasakan sensasi main situs slot bri online 24 jam bersama kami.
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Ayoo, segera cari tau informasinya mengenai situs slot online 24 jam di situs joker234 yang paling banyak peminatnya.
Serta rasakan juga pengalaman situs judi slot online 303 yang telah kami paketkan bersama situs slot 3d online dibawah link game goldfish 3 slot online ini
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GoldFish Slot Machine Online

GoldFish Slot Machine Online


Casinos are a very popular way for people to spend their free time and have lots of fun, but as time goes by, it inevitable for them to get a little less popular. This doesn’t happen because there are better things to do than to gamble, but because online casinos are becoming are growing in fame and popularity. Online casinos are an amazing and comfortable way for people to spend their time, and it can also be rewarding. Just like walk-in casinos, these sites have a very large amount of games to choose from, one of them being GoldFish.
GoldFish online slot machine was developed by WMS software and published by Scientific Games Interactive. The video slot requires players to deposit real money and gives them the chance to multiply it by trying to win. For players who don’t want to spend any money though, the game also offers a free, no deposit version, which they can try out before deciding to deposit.


The game is made up of 5 reels and 25 pay lines, making it easy for people to stumble upon a bonus multiplier or a free spin. The popular game is one of the most famous games among online casinos as well as being one of the best slot games out there.


While playing the game, gamblers can find different bonus multipliers and free spins to increase their bid. The game’s RTP (return to player) stats are as high as 96%, meaning players have a 96% chance to get their initial bids back. With a jackpot worth 100, the popular game is one of the most played games in online casinos.


For big fans of the game and online casinos, free GoldFish slot supports a mobile version of the game available for download for both IOS and Android devices. By downloading the game, players can play GoldFish free online slot just for fun wherever they want.
GoldFish, as stated above, is one of the most popular games that online casinos have, and its fame is only growing. The fact that the game has such high RTP stats, as well as the ability to play it for free, is a huge benefit.
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Video Slot Review: The Angler

By Ryan Dennet for directoryofslotc.som

Game review: The Angler

Hurl out your fishing pole, cast your baited rod and reel in the cash with The Angler Video Slot.
Here’s a 5 reel, 20 line online slot from the creators of some of the most beautiful graphics in all of the online casino industry: Betsoft. This casino game features a big, friendly looking fisherman, Otis, with huge arms and tiny legs, on a quest for a jackpot catch. Hop aboard with Otis as he enjoys a leisurely afternoon of fishing out on the lake.
Fishing themed video slots are among the most popular out there and my personal favorite, at land based and online casinos, because of the fun interactive bonus games that they offer. The Angler is no exception with its wonderfully innovative Time To Fish! bonus feature game, among its other features: Oyster Free Spins and Clingy Wilds.
The Angler Online Video Slot is set on a lake with misty mountains in the background. Otis stands on a pier to the left of the reels in his full fishing kit: fishing hooks in the hat, a fishing coat and boots, with a bait bucket in one hand and his fishing rod in the other. His boat floats behind the opaque online slot reels, with a quintessential lighthouse further back. The reels are held up by a system of pulleys and ropes, fitting in well with the theme of the online video slot. Look closely enough at the ropes on the sides and you’ll see the slot line numbers suspended between them. Clicking on any of them shows you the line in question, quite a neat little touch. But you didn’t think Otis would just stand around and watch the reels spin all day, did you? Not in a Betsoft online video slot, no way! On medium wins he’ll give you a hearty round of applause and on bigger wins he jumps up and exclaims “Yeah!” he sounds older than he looks, and on the biggest wins a dramatic steering wheel with ornamental fish on lines comes up, spinning this way and that, rocking to and fro, while counting up your casino cash winnings.
The standard icons come in the form of a J, Q, K and A. They’re very colorful but otherwise pretty standard. 3 or more of these on an active payline will trigger a win of between 3 and 75 coins. The higher paying icons are, from lowest to highest paying: an orange Goldfish, a green Blowfish, a blue Turtle, a Hammerhead Shark - but not a dangerous looking fellow, and, of course, Otis. With these you can expect wins between 20 and 350 coins...see more
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F2P / Minnow / Dolphin – Starter / Mid / End Game Efficiency and General Tips

My focus for this guide is how to be efficient with game resources and various financial commitments at various stages of the game, so if someone has a more efficient way for anything, let me know.
Before we get in to what to do, let me make a few things clear from the beginning.
Firstly, summoning is gambling. If you like to gamble and can’t control yourself and can’t play this game like a game rather than a visit to the casino, then stop reading now. Go download a slot machine and spin the reels for free. You will never* get a five star. Oh? You got Noctis, Luneth and Randi from your dailies? Good for you Johnny McLucky Pants. Also, no one cares. If you win the lottery are you going to go tell everyone to go buy a lottery ticket too? You should get a job at state lottery, the next big winner could be you! That 1% rainbow is also 99% broken hopes and dreams. So how can we play the game as a 99%? Read on below.
*yeah I know, odds are you eventually will, but it could be 6+ months and there’s no guarantee so don’t play as is if you will, it only leads to disappointment.
Secondly, as a non-whale, lapis and rare summon tickets are a resource that enable you to expand your play experience so that you don’t feel oppressed during events and story where you might feel stuck. They are not for saving up to obscene amounts and then blowing your load all in one go on the holy of holies, Orlandu (who, if you look at a recently posted JPN Reroll Tierlist anyway, isn’t even that great*, there’s bigger things coming). You want to try and play whale for a day? 100 tickets is still only 63.4% probability for at least one rainbow, then its 50/50 it’s on banner (do you really want to spend all your months of saving resources on basically two coin flips? What if you don’t get your waifu or Orlandu-san, will you commit honourable Sudoku and quit the game? You’ve got no resources left, you may as well move on to another game. Go back and read the first paragraph about gambling.
*ok, he is pretty great, settle down Orlandu fans.
Now that we’ve discouraged the gambler inside you, let me make a third thing clear; nostalgia marketing is a real thing. Nostalgia gives you the feels. This is the other hook for this game. Which series is going to make you ache? For me it was Secret of Mana. The music and characters, bosses… I wasted too many tickets (20, a paltry sum for some, but for the efficient it’s a huge waste for one banner with mediocre units). I’m sure there’s a bunch of people that regardless of if Cloud was the crappiest 5 star unit ever, even if he had 4 star stats, people would still sploosh over him. So watch out and keep your wits about you.
I consider all of these three groups of players (F2P / Minnow / Dolphin) to be in the same category because all of them have extremely low chances of pulling a five star, so all of them should be playing the game in the same way, the small amount of money added just gives more freedom to play the game, decrease grind time etc, it’s not for gambling.
There are also two further sub-categories. TM farmers and non-TM farmers. Within TM farmers there is another sub-category which is those that macro and those that don’t. This is a huge topic and pretty evenly balanced between those that support and oppose both the idea of TM farming in general (it makes the game ‘too easy’ / you need TMs to clear future content) and those that macro (it’s ethically cheating / its allowed so who cares). I don’t care which side of the fence you’re on, whatever you choose, make play choices and adjust accordingly.
Now on to the guide.


Get all that lapis from levelling up and clearing stories (thanks to update 2.0 it doesn’t matter if you have a goldfish memory you can check during the battle what the requirements are). Save all that lapis! Do not waste it on summons. You’ll want to expand material slots and friend slots to begin with. My friend slots is currently 60 and it’s a bit low, some advocate going up to 100+ because the associated trophy achievements cover the costs and the more you have, the faster you’ll hit those achievements. It takes time to add people so don’t do it all at once. Just add in game or use the megathreads. My materials is currently 155, which isn’t really needed now thanks to 2.0 taking our stacks from 99 to 199. Most stuff its fine to just have one stack of 199, Megacrysts and item creation materials that I use like ore and lumber I let go over 199. Simply keep expanding as you hit your limit until around 90-100.
Work with the story units, they level up 50% faster than normal units and need less materials to awaken, Fina is ok until you draw a better healer with like raise so you don’t have to burn phoenix downs. Although, it’s much easier to get phoenix downs now than when I started, and once you get raise you’ll basically never need them, so feel free to use them. Magic is very strong for a long time in the story once you get some AoE spells, so use any mage unit you might happen to draw, for me it was a Kuja and it was fine, I didn’t get any decent ones until I was already into the mid-end phase.
Towards the mid game you may need some equipment slots and most probably some unit slots (if you go the TM route, this could easily go to 100-200 as you start to hang on to units) and possibly crafting slots (the first slot at least is good value and doubles your output, especially the forge because one hero ring locks you out for 3 days, when I was farming materials I was able to make more than one per 3 days). Due to an event I expanded my Synthesize to 4 slots, and have never gotten value from it since, damnit. Consider, if it’s something you’ll likely do anyway and not going to need the lapis for anything urgent, you may as well do it now and make your life easier earlier on.
Friend point free summons are garbage and only useful for a select few TMs, some people like to level them up and sell them, but this is a bit of an extreme min maxing type thing that’s not really needed. Notable TMs are killers, escape, 10% hp and Sunbeam.
Sending gifts is free and doesn’t consume any resources! I wish the game made this clearer. Not sending gifts is a good way to get yourself removed from high level friends lists, because that’s basically the only thing you’re useful for to them (and if you’re using them for a little extra fp).
Go to menu -> options and scroll down until you see ‘Select party’ Set a specific party for Companion, Colosseum and Arena. This stops your shared leader from constantly changing to random garbage when you swipe through your teams. It doesn’t make a gameplay difference to high level players on your list as they’re not using you to clear content anyway.. but it’s mildly annoying to see the trash and makes it look like you don’t know the game.
Do not waste lapis to continue a story dungeon, ever. Never ever. Suck it up and do it again.
When you enter a town, click on quest report, click on the completed quest and click report to warp directly to the person instead of having to run around.
Don’t yolo all your resources on a banner out of frustration just because you have nothing and need something, wait for a good one and only focus on some good 3 star units that are 6 star capable or an uber TM like dual wield or top tier 3-4 star end game unit.
For quests, there are many quest chains and back tracking required. It’s convoluted and messy and if you try and figure it out in game your head will explode. Use the exvius wiki or combine it with a google doc to keep track and accept as many as you can, to reduce backtracking and the need to waste energy repeating dungeons.
Espers, don’t waste points on boosting their stats, focus on abilities. Esper stats only give 1%, so if you give your esper +100 attack, it only gives your character +1. Use the excellent simulator to map out your points.
Keep two to three (two is fine) Edgars for future chaining shenanigans.

Mid Game

At this stage you’re starting to get comfortable with the game and combat in general, maybe even chaining. During this stage you’re aiming to continue the story to unlock all the Espers and complete important item quests. Your bank roll of tickets is used to aim for good banner 4* units based on TM or your party needs. 4* units have a decent chance of dropping, so if daily pulls aren’t enough for you or you want to conserve lapis for TM farming, this is the time to burn a few tickets, currently there’s enough income of tickets to be able to do this. You’ll probably find that because of this you need to use some lapis to expand your unit slots and equipment slots.
Unless you urgently need a trophy or two, I would recommend leaving low-priority quests until end game. It actually takes a bit of time to map out and efficiently do quests. If you’re not TM farming, this can be a place to use energy instead, but farming materials might be better such as megacrysts for rings or megacites for levelling up your espers.

End game

Story content is cleared All Espers unlocked Clear low priority quests. Max level all the story characters (for future trials). Work on trophies.
Once your level is high enough, lapis goes into energy refreshes for farming TMs and tickets continue to go into chasing good 4* TMs. One redditor made an excellent reference for the ratios based on rank.
If you’re not TM farming, you can farm resources for rings. To be honest, there’s not much else to use energy on at this stage of the game. You can finally disconnect some of the hooks that FFBE has gouged into your body.
From this stage of the game you can run arena with minimal effort for the weekly 30k reward or zero effort (just the daily 5) for the 90k reward

For all stages of the game:

What do I do with my moogles if I don’t TM farm?

The one and only, our f2p lord and saviour. 8 hits with barrage in one turn? Delicious. Everything just went easy mode. Colosseum will be much easier.
Edit: this is now less of a priority if you future proof towards Y'shtola, a great dual casting support easily obtainable from an event, thanks to CyanJet for pointing that out.
Dualcast can still be useful if you can't hold on until then or as a seconday dual cast for Cecil etc, but you may now consider this equal with #3.
Why do I rate this a fraction above dual wield? It’s very easy to get high level friends (and they all have dual wield) to breeze through all story content and PRO difficulty (people that want to clear content themselves without relying on their friends is a novel, but inefficient idea), giving your support the ability to do two things a turn will help tremendously, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated many times that your support is locked casting curaja every turn and can’t raise or buff, or their curaja isn’t enough to top everyone up to full each turn and your team is eventually dying. No more! I had the option to farm a dual cast over my 2nd dual wield (never had the choice during my first dual wield) and every high level content and trial I tried to clear, I could see every time a situation where if I could dual cast it would have changed the outcome completely. This will have a huge impact on your gameplay experience. You’ve got space for five TMs to farm so both should be happening if you have them anyway.
From here it depends on what you have. Another dual wield is good. A bis weapon is good (but not as good as a 2nd dual wield). If you’re super future proofing a bis gear like bracer or cowl because if you luck out on a good unit later on you can still use it, but these are less impactful as the stat increase is not as big. Blade Mastery and Sakurafubuki (only if you have both, just one is a bit meh)
If you TM farm, moogles are best used to cap off units that are almost 100% so you don’t waste any .1% while afk.

What do I spent my Mog King event currency on?

Even if the ability materia from a mog king event that boosts stats is only a small upgrade or worse than potential TMs, grab it.
For example; Twinspell (Increase MP (5%) and MAG (10%)) I had more than enough event currency to get all 4, but I thought, eh I’m the ultimate future proofer and I have all these shanttotos I can TM farm for 30% mag, this is a waste of currency. I still have those 5 shantottos at 0%, other TMs popped up that took priority. I regret not grabbing them.
note: As an addendum, only bother with the ones that increase HP, ATK, or MAG PLUS. 10% HP/5% DEF is alright. 15% HP is better. But 10% DEF/5% HP is a pass. You'll get more out of 10% HP from FP summons (courtesy Roboplus/)
Always (oh, controversial) get the 100 cactuars. There’s heaps of stuff to level up. After your main party, level up future six star units and the story units. Why story units? There’s a trial where you have to use them, and some of the story lapis achievement awards need stupid abilities that only they have (like Lid’s ‘Maintenance’. ugh gumi pls)
Sacred crystals, 5* mats and 6* mats are easily obtainable from maze events (6* not so much) and mog king events, don’t waste energy in the pro awakening vortex for crystals and 5* mats.
If you’re patient, there’s enough ‘other’ events that you can skip the expensive 6* mats, just get the cheap ones and use the event currency on something else. Priorities.
Silver keys, scream root, and alacyrst not a high priority in mog events, there aren’t many silver chests worth opening and every mog event so far has had screamroot and you can also get it from enchanted maze events (alacryst can be obtained from ability crafting).
~Have luck and good fun.
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Fallout 76 - Bethesda's Frankenstein game reviewed by a grumpy old gamer

As a long time fan of both Fallout and Elder Scrolls games I’ve been thrilled to play Fallout 76 a little too much over the last couple of weeks.
Despite mixed reviews and fans bashing it for its amount of bugs and lack of npcs, I’ve enjoyed to be able to finally explore a new open world from Bethesda Game Studioes. At least up until Fallout 76 slowly started to grind out it’s true colours, appearing more and more like a Frankenstein Fallout; a mix of different parts that does not blend all that well. Here’s some of my thoughts on Fallout 76.

The World
Bethesda’s Appalachia is perhaps the most impressive game world Bethesda has crafted to date, like a mix of Fallout 4 and Skyrim, only bigger. The addition of different regions makes the world a lot more interesting than earlier Fallouts to explore, and although many Fallout 4 assets are re-used, there’s a lot of new assets and lightings added. You can see valleys and vistas far into the horizon, you can watch rain clouds drift towards you, or nuke clouds rise above you.
The downside to it, and one that gets more evident the more you play, is that the locations are spread out a lot more than in previous Bethesda games, and that the wilderness itself is largely devoid of animals and points of interest. Traversing the Appalachian wilderness takes time, and can quickly consist mainly of collecting wood and flowers until you reach a location where the frequency of the loot, enemies and holotape stories are a lot higher.
This relative emptiness might in large respect be due to the fact that this is an online multiplayer game with a camp system, so players have lots of places to set up camps. But it also makes travelling the wilderness, aka exploration, much more monotonous and boring than it has used to be; it looks good, but not much happens unless you stumble upon a point of interest, or an angry squirrel. Even though the world is beautifully crafted, it feels more empty, and thus less interesting to explore.

Crafting…and looting
The crafting of Fallout 76 is, unsurprisingly, very similar to that of Fallout 4, only now the weapon and armor you craft are level locked at level intervals like 5, 10, 15 etc. This means that if you make a level 1 rifle, there’s no way to upgrade it to a level 10 rifle. You can add mods to it, and thus enhance it, but you can’t spend resources to upgrade the level of it. Weapons and armor also have condition statuses, so at a point you need to repair them, and the cost of repairs, paid in crafting components, can be pretty high.
This means you have lots to loot, which means you have to carry stuff, which means you have to increase your inventory’s carry weight through perks, specials or gear. But even though you do all that, you have a limited stash, aka in-camp inventory, which means you can not stock up on all the weapons or armor you might want to 5 or 10 levels later.

Bethesda games have always been about exploring and looting, but hoarding items has previously been unproblematic when there’s not limited weight and “stash”. Fallout 76 on the other hand introduces both limited inventory weight, stash weight and a lot of other “survival” elements, like food and water needs.
As you level up you’ll find you need a lot of “convenience” perks to remedy thirst, hunger, food spoilage and low inventory weight, and then there’s also radiation and diseases to accound for. This makes leveling up more of a chore than what it has used to be, it’s just not as fun to pick 10 weight and food perks and 2-3 that are unique to your character just to be able to play the game without going half crazy because you’re thirsty, hungry or over-encumbered all the time.
I’m not the type who always want to bring up Fallout New Vegas, but that game had survival elements, but only 1 perk for managing weight; pack rat. It always felt great to pick that perk. In Fallout 76 on the other hand, there’s at least a few dozen of weight perks, and where is the fun in chosing the same type of perk 10 times? Especially when you keep postponing picking your character unique perks…

Frankenstein of micromanagment
This is where Fallout 76 starts to feel like a Frankenstein mix of the Bethesda style of Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, and a survival game. In all the recent games from Bethesda Game Studioes players have been able to pick up everything they can carry and stash it up at their base, but in Fallout 76 Bethesda introduces limitations on weigth, so now players have to make difficult choices about which weapons to carry and use, which to keep for later (which will be few), and so on.
We are wading in an endlessly respawning junkpile, where all the loot is randomly thrown upon us like bling bling in a casino, but we can’t keep much of it, we can’t stash it, and because vendors have low and limited amounts of caps we can’t easily sell it, at least not without doing the rounds between faction vendors and waiting 24 hours for vendor inventories to reset.
I’m a little stomped as to why Bethesda didn’t cut down on all the junk instead of adding all the limitations. Why does every super mutant need to carry 3-4 items? Does Bethesda view their players as goldfish that gets frustrated if they are not fed 3-4 candy every 5 seconds? Having more scarce loot would actually make sense in a survival, post-apocalyptic setting. In games like Dark Souls, where loot is limited, you really appreciate what you find. Instead Fallout 76 throws things at you, and forces you to micromanage your inventory and stash at a frustrating high frequency.
There’s an inherent contradiction in the attempted combination of the Bethesda style of open world games, where the player becomes God Allmighty with a all the loose items in the world in a drawer, and a survival setting where the player is supposedly trying to scrape by on tin cans and irradiated flowers. Coming from Fallout 4, a game of excessive loot in so many ways, maybe implementing a lot of frustrating limitations on a similar game world was not the optimal way to make Fallout 76’s survival elements fun?

Transparancy, randomization and you
Another problem with Fallout 76 is that it relies a little too much on leveled lists and randomization. You can find recipes at different locations in the world, but if you want a certain recipe for a certain food item, you just need to be lucky and stumble upon it in-game.
The same goes for plans for crafting weapons or armor. They are given as rewards for quests, can be bought at vendors, and can very infrequently be found in the game world. The problem is; there is really no way you can know where a certain plan that suits your playstyle is, you just have to hope it is randomly thrown upon you, as you put in hour after hour. We are all at the mercy of randomness and leveled lists, almost to the point where it feels more like playing a slot machine than a rpg.
There’s also little ways of planning builds in-game. You can’t see the perk cards until you actually level up, and when you do you have to pick a perk before you get to see your special distribution. You can click back to avoid this, but it is quite cumbersome and not very transparent.
To add to this, some of the perks or in-game functions are quite superficially explained, so old school role players won’t always have an easy way of figuring out what a perk does. This makes it difficult to plan a build in game, and if you’re more than a casual gamer you will end up googling a lot of info that it would have been a lot more immersive to have available in-game instead.

The online elements
As a long time fan of Bethesda’s single player games I’m personally not too fond of the way the online elements currently are integrated in Fallout 76.
Typically events, which are timed group quests, will trigger when you enter certain locations. When these events pop up on other players’ maps they can spend caps to fast travel to said location, only to find that the one who perhaps unwillingly triggered the event is far gone (or killed), and if enough time has passed since the event was triggered, there won’t even be enough time to finish the event. The way events trigger make them feel gamey and mmo-ish, but some events can also be fun and entertaining. Hopefully the triggering will be tweaked in the future.
Bethesda have implemented anti-griefing measures, but there’s always the odd chance that one or more griefers will give you a bad time. Depending on your experiences with other people in general and online games in particular, this can make players check their map frequently to avoid other players, which feels contrary to the idea of a mutual, fun Fallout experience. Where Fallout 76 can offer fun, positive social experiences, it can also make you feel anti-social and paranoid, which is an awkward paradox to have in a game. I’m 100 % certain that Fallout 76 is a lot more fun if you play it with your friends, but as a solo player the online elements has a tendency to distract or ruin the immersion.

Paradoxically, towards a conclusion of sorts
The more I’ve played it, the more I’ve felt that Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s Frankenstein game, consisting of multiple paradoxes that does not glue all that well together. It is a Fallout game, but you’re very limited in what you can pick up, keep or sell. It’s a survival game, but there’s power armors and stockpiles of ammo around every corner. It’s a post apocalyptic irradiated place, but you can hardly kill a ghoul without getting a rad-x. It’s a little weird to pick 10 perks for weight issues and still throw away excess ammo like it’s pocket lint because you can’t sell or trade them.
It’s an open world game where solo exploration is encouraged, but you’ll unintentionally set off group events that makes players flock to your location. You can trade with strangers, but they can one-shot you with an overpowered weapon. You can stay away from other players and play it solo, but over time it might make you feel lonely or even slightly paranoid.
Fallout 76 is more an online first person shooter than it is a role playing game. Gone are branching questlines and player expression through dialogue or choices. Instead Fallout 76 relies entirely on how players interact in the game world, for good or bad. Todd Howard himself has said that Fallout 76 is a work in progress, and that they will keep tweaking the game based on player input. Only time will tell how Fallout 76 will play 2 years from now.

...and a future
Bethesda’s Appalachia is beautifully crafted world, and Fallout 76 is undoubtedly a game with a lot of potential, but one that needs excessive tweaking to reach its’ potential. For now Fallout 76 tries to be so many things at once, and ironically becomes a bit over-encumbered with ambition itself.
Luckily there’s an abundance of weight perks Bethesda can chose from to level up their game.
submitted by Chiaro22 to fo76 [link] [comments]

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